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Silverlight - the Microsoft's way to create Rich Internet Application

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Posted 5th July 2010 at 10:40 PM by Citigo Sales

In 1990s, the early years of the Internet, web pages are only able to content texts, some images, and maybe some background music. With the growing up of the Internet, web pages are demanded to have a better capability for presentation of animation, sound and movies. Adobe Flash, and then much lately is Silverlight, has been invented to serve such purposes.
Silverlight is introduced by Microsoft, at about the same time of the publicity of Visual Studio 2008. On presentation aspect, Microsoft Silverlight is quite similar to Adobe Flash. In order to playing Silverlight movies, browsers have to download Silverlight as a plugin. The Silverlight plugin then will act as a consistent runtime environment for playing multimedia across browsers, which is difficult to be achieved solely by JavaScript and html.
On the programming aspect, Silverlight offers to .net developers some great advantages:
- Silverlight movies are programmed by .net technology. That means developers can create a Silverlight movie by using the existing knowledge of C#, Vb.net, or any language that is supported by .net, while they need to know ActionScript to program a Flash movie.
- Developers can use Microsoft Visual Studio to program Silverlight. Microsoft Visual Studio has been proven as a leading programming tool that could help developers work efficiently.
- Silverlight plugin includes a very light version of .net runtime (about 4MB), which enable the capability of running .net code within browsers, without the complexity of downloading and installing .net framework.
Silverlight is not aged for long. It has not been as mature as Adobe Flash and a lot of users still not have the plugin installed. However, it is still a promising technology that would give .net developers great advantages in creating rich internet applications.
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