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Individualized Targeted Search Results

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Posted 24th November 2011 at 04:59 PM by Clint Butler

What Facebook and Google Are Doing For Targeted Search Results

When the advent of social media and how it effects your lead generation there has been a new focus by Facebook and Google to provide you with targeted search results. They are doing this by playing with the algorithm's of their respective sites in such a way as to attempt more individualize what you see in your "news feed" or on the Google search results pages.

But is that something you really want when your searching the web. And more importantly, how does that effect your traffic that comes from these two very powerful websites? Targeted website traffic is by far the best so how do we ensure all of our SEO is worthwhile when we are trying to position our sites in targeted search results?

Social Influence in Targeted Search Results

I truly believe that the writing was on the wall a long time ago that Google planned on integrating social media into its search results when they created the rel=author relationship integration with your Google profile page. What it did was allow your friends to see your posts in their search results. The concept was that if you interacted with a person via Google services then you by default indicated to the search engine you like that person's content.

Google also is using 55+ different indicators to provide you with individualized targeted search results. The results ending up being that if you do a search for "fuzzy pink widgets" and your friends do a search for the same keyword. You will end up looking at different results.

Now there are people who don't agree with this new method of obtaining targeted search results in your Facebook news feed or in Google. Watch this short video.


Now as you just saw in the video there is a call for Google and Facebook to take out their idea of what we are interested in and let us as user's make the decision. Free the targeted search results, let us choose what we want to see. Don't presume based off out past conversations or clicks what we are looking for.

These methods of identifying our interests also have implications in the pay per click marketing arena as well as SEO. How are we to more specially target our audience?

There are more questions then answers right now when it comes to individualized targeted search results. What are your thoughts? Do you like the new method? Or do you think Google and Facebook should adjust the way the do business and go back to more generalized targeted search results?

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