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How to Write Articles For Something Other Than Google

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Posted 27th April 2011 at 09:03 PM by cnrimgr1

The key to making money online is proper research. Once you know what people are looking for and you give it to them, you can become successful. Making money online isn’t just a simple as putting out an affiliate link or are writing some half worked blog post. But, you can become successful with affiliate marketing if you know the steps to take.

You want to start out by finding something you like. If you start with something that you think will make you money versus something you are passionate about, you will find yourself getting bored or frustrated and end up giving altogether. If you are passionate about cars you can find affiliate program about cars. And if you are passionate about animals it will be easy to find a program about that. You can also promote things that you use in your everyday life. You can promote your blender, favorite music, or electronics. These things will be familiar for you say should have no problem discussing them and even pointing out the benefits and cons of these items. But just because you love your blender or blu-ray players doesn’t mean that you can write something and it will be found by everyone looking online. It takes a keyword research.

What is keyword research? Keyword research is when you take the time to find out what others type in to find the subjects they are interested in. You also need to know how to write articles for visitors, instead of search engines. To do this you’ll need to open up a keyword tool, to see how many people are exactly searching those phrases. Start out by thinking what you might type in Google. Let’s say for example when we’re looking for a cheap blender. Some things that I might type are “cheap blenders” or “best blenders”. If I take this and I might find a post or article about some of the cheap blenders for sale on the site like I might also find a review of some of the most popular selling blenders on different shopping sites. If I was the customer I would read these articles and compare prices between the cheap blenders and some of the best blenders prices. If there is a large difference in price between the cheap ones and the more expensive one I would want to point out the differences if I was selling the blenders.

Because I’m selling something that I’m both familiar with and passionate about my writing would come across more beneficial to the customer. The person who landed on my site would be informed of some cheap items as well as with the premium items that they can purchase. They could make the decision based on cost or benefit on which to buy. And because I offered them so much information they would most likely buy from my site. Especially if at the end of the site I included a special link that linked to cheap blenders as well as the premium ones.

As you can see just because I have the words cheap blenders and best blenders didn’t make my articles informative or informational. I have to take the time to look up the product and the benefits. Some people might tell you that affiliate marketing is as easy as putting out a link, but the truth is it’s not. Affiliate marketing is reviewing are providing information about a product so that way a customer can make the decision on whether or not they want to buy. Your hope is that you provide enough in your articles so that they buy from you if they choose to buy. So when you see the next article about how easy it is to make millions overnight without doing a single thing and, you’ll know the truth.

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