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I can't believe nobody has noticed this....

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Posted 22nd July 2015 at 08:09 PM by Coach Comeback

I know this may not be a big deal to you...

But I am a pretty sensitive guy. I have feelings too you know?

Did you know that the average Facebook user checks their facebook within 15 minutes of waking up first thing in the morning?

Would you say that you fit into that average? Be honest? What about how many times a day do you check it?

I should have researched that one too because now I am curious.

The point is... a "social" site that is SUPPOSED to be connecting us with our close friends and family and enriching our lives somehow...

Just doesn't seem to be doing much for me lately.

I will admit..

After being convinced a few months back that I "MUST" be on facebook... that my brand needs a page, that I need to have a group to personally "connect" with others... and blah blah blah

I bought into it...

Spent hours a week trying to engage, posting, responding, being active, etc.

Maybe you can relate? Remember the previous 2 questions.

After months of this trial, I now have over 1300 facebook "friends" and super engaged audience on my personal profile. Things I post on the coach comeback page or TSRW group rarely ever even get seen. I imagine it is lost in the other many hundreds begging for your streamspace...


Last week... I deleted my Facebook. Well not totally NUKED it. Just completely deactivated. Which to the rest of the world, has the same effect. The only difference is I can reactivate it at some point in the future if I choose and all my contacts etc will have been unchanged.

Point is, it has been over a week! Of completely leaving cold turkey something that was a MUST HAVE in my life....

And the world somehow kept spinning.

Not a single person noticed...

Not one message from a friend. Not a thing from my close family (who I know most are on there more hours then they put in at their day jobs).

Not until today, did I get the first message asking what happened to my facebook.

And you will never guess... It was a Friend I met through internet marketing and the Warriorforum.


Will I come back?

Eventually, of course. If only to share cute messages back and forth with my wife (but we have switched to Instagram for that), I will reactivate my account one day.

Just wanted you to notice that I noticed you didn't notice I hadn't notified you on Facebook. SO here is my notice.

Which is why I have been using twitter. BEFORE Facebook, and will continue much AFTER Facebook.

I had never shared my twitter strategy for getting $.005 paid engagements that can be used to build a following on twitter, build your list, or send people to any website you want where you may have something for sale.. DIRT CHEAP!

While the FACEBOOK boom was going and everyone was jumping on it driving the advertising prices even further up and up... my twitter ads cost kept going lower and lower.

I only previously shared this with a few private clients, and now, one of those private clients got me to spill the beans!


You can listen to the training where I walk you through everything you need to know about twitter for half a penny right on TSRW!


YES! If you are already a member, this training is included.

And this is only the beginning of the new trainings we have coming soon.

For now, enjoy ... for the first time ever... as I reveal my closely guarded twitter secrets

P. James "I don't give a TWIT about Facebook" Holland
Coach Comeback

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