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Wordpress Courses and Tutorials

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Posted 18th April 2013 at 06:31 PM by codenaam

Recently I found some great Wordpress courses and tutorials (mainly video stuff) and you can see them here at Wordpress Examples if you are to impatient to read on about them and want to check them out yourself. Basically it has 6 Wordpress courses that you can choose from.

There are several Wordpress courses for beginners. From very, VERY basic to simply basic and easy to follow. Then you also have 1 course which takes you from beginner to Pro and this course has almost 10 hours of video that teaches you the ropes.

One course teaches mobile marketing for Wordpress and how to turn your website into a mobilized monster. This course even comes with a Premium Wordpress plugin for SMS optin.

The one I personally like best is a course for the more advanced Wordpress students. This course teaches you to make a website from scratch. Yes, you basically learn how to design a website with nothing to begin with. You need Illustrator and Photoshop for this course though (you can try the trial downloads at Adobe of course if you don't have them) so this is not really a course for beginners. But this course has over 150 videos to teach you every aspect of web design. Here is a video about that course by the way:


If you are looking into following a Wordpress course or you simply want to learn more about Wordpress as a CMS and a possibility to make money with a website, you might want to check them out.
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