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3 Tips to Enhance Your Article Marketing Campaigns

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Posted 21st August 2009 at 08:08 PM by crystalq

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Article marketing provides affiliates and businesses with ways to generate buzz about what they have to offer. You can get a good amount of traffic and make sales just by submitting your content to site like...

GoArticles.com, EzineArticles.com and Buzzle.com

I wrote a few articles back in 2007 and they still rank and bring me traffic today! If you are not into article marketing yet I would highly recommend you start ASAP.

Here are my 3 articles marketing tips to enhance you article marketing campaign.

1. Buy Articles!
If you're not a writer and you do not want to write, I would recommend you buy them, it will speed up your campaign and save you many hours of valuable time. I would buy 20+ articles to test out the waters, if you don't get any traffic or sales move on.

2. Submit Your Articles to..
Social bookmarking sites, this will help get your articles seen all over the internet. (SB Tip: If you're a member of many social bookmarking sites it's a good idea to add as many friends as possible so your content will show up in there bookmarks and others will see it also).

3. Submit to RSS sites.
If you're a member of ezinearticles.com you will have an RSS feed that shows all of the content you submitted to them. You need to grab that (your RSS link), then submit it to all as many RSS feed sites as possible!

Id recommend you buy RSSBOT or you can find a whole heap of RSS sites here
55 Active RSS Directories to Help Promote Your RSS Feeds!

Well that's it, If you need a proper article marketing guide that may help you make $400.00+(low estimate) in 60 days then please check out Get Internet Money via Articles | iInternetMoney.com

Thanks Crystal.

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