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2013 - The Year of the Mobile Affiliate.

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Posted 19th June 2013 at 03:18 AM by DanielMob

Mobile has certainly taken over the performance marketing industry, but as many web-based super affiliates may have learned the hard way: what works on web doesn't necessarily work on mobile.
Making a successful move into mobile affiliate marketing requires more than a bit of cash to spend on testing, great mobile offers and knowing your apples from your robots. It also helps to have a few gems of mobile wisdom to get started with.

Performance network Matomy Media Group took on the task of gathering some of the best practices for mobile media buying, based on their own experience in establishing their own success in mobile performance marketing. Written by Jonathan Bartov, the company’s mobile media buying manager, this collection of tips will give both newbies and experienced mobile affiliates actionable insights into buying mobile traffic.

One piece of advice for mobile affiliates included in the guide is to explore emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East. In these markets, mobile is the primary gateway to the internet yet there is plenty of available media at low prices. Don’t pass on these markets; the potential is real.

Another tip refers to “The 20% Rule” as a good way to measure the potential success of a mobile campaign very quickly after its launch.

You can enjoy the entire “11 Mobile Media Buying Guide for Affiliates” HERE

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