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How Effective Email Marketing Is Really Done

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Posted 21st August 2014 at 11:04 AM by dannygnenerate

Buckle up – It’s time to take bite out of Email Marketing.

Mmmmm. My favorite meal of the day.

Forgive the grammatical errors.

No format just my ramblings, let's jump in...

If you have a small list of say, 5,000 people and only 2% of that list is responsive, (a measly 100) then here lies the paradox.

They say, the money’s in the list, but I ask… “What’s in the list” - that makes the money?


See, you’ve been told that “the money is in the list” for so long that it’s become a general statement. A statement where no one has to respond to “why is the money in the list”? Why has no one responded?

Because no one’s asking. If someone did ask, it could be easily masked with an over detailed answer that throws out numbers… metrics yada yada. Making its defense sound a bit complicated and it’s not…

So, as the generality of the statement is gained, the specifics become muffled and products are sold that feed those looking in… piles of muffled details.

The thing about muffled details is that they look HD crystal clear to the person who has no real clue. I talked to a guy back in February of last year who claimed to have been doing email marketing for 8 years and he openly tells me he's a master at what he does and I personally know that he isn't even making $9,000/month.

Yet he sells his products as if he’s a guru.

If the money is in the list, then some that are still broke with 2,000 people on their list wouldn't still be broke.

Saying the money is in the list is like saying, “the fight is won by fighters”. Yet you have 100 fighters and they always lose every fight and the other team has 7 fighters and has won every single fight they’ve been in.


If the money isn’t in the list, then where in the heck it is?

Let’s add some clarity to the famous but vague saying “The money is the list” (what type of list are they talking about?

In fact the money is in the quality of the list.


What are these qualities?

There are two separate factors to determine quality?

The Quality of Your Subscribers (how'd you obtain them? Are they even active?)

The Quality of Your Value (what do you know that can nurture your list? what makes you a great teacher for those who have joined?)

Let’s talk about this really briefly.

The quality of your subscribers:

How you obtained them – The goal of email marketing is very simple, just as the goal of PPC is. Get targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is a pre requisite for a subscriber that will much more easily turn into a customer (we are running a business here).

A buyer’s list is an active list of buyers or previous customers (treat them as such).

The Quality Of Your Value:

Don’t expect to make a million dollars if you know your content isn’t worth pennies.

The quality of what you deliver is a reflection of your morals, experience, integrity, your business and personal philosophies.

It’s also about the complete experience that these prospects and customers go through. You’re not selling anything to anyone really and if you were, it'll be yourself.

Keep in mind that when someone wants a car they don’t go to the car lot to be sold, they go there for the details. The reason the car “sells” is because someone defines their reason for the purchase. Think about it.

When was the last time you went somewhere and bought something you really DIDN’T want? Never right? It's because, we either we go in already convinced or become convinced.

This is the “want process”.

Then someone defines and clarifies your mental objections, rather it be the value of the purchase or the results you can get from it.

This is the “need process”

Then that “need” which is subjective. No one needs a flat screen tv but if that person has a strong reason for that HD quality screen… Or if the “sales person (aka the presenter - converter)” convinces the person of its benefits, then it becomes much more than a need.

A need is something a person strongly feels they “want” or must have. Whenever a person see’s the full benefit and it resonates with them then it becomes a…

Desire “Desire is stronger than love”. My daughter didn’t want Justin Bieber’s new cd, no… she was past that stage, she surely didn’t need it but you couldn’t tell her that, her tears were wet with so much desire.

Yep I bought it, no… Not because I wanted too, surely wasn’t a need but I desired to make my daughter happy. That’s it.

What is your goal for sending this email?

How will you execute this goal?

What mindset are you prepping you audience for?

All in all, the quality of your content is what really needs to jump. How you deliver your content and the purpose it proposes.

Don’t just write an email, you have to write with purpose. Write Purpose!

Not to sell but to convince by the whims of the perceived benefits. We all are looking to alleviate a problem.

Your subscribers are on multiple lists.

Lists of people that give out freebies on a daily basis, you need a buyers list.

Buyers buy and don’t speculate on what your list may be worth, if they haven’t purchased anything then they aren’t worth anything unless you’re selling solo ads.

In which you shouldn’t because now you’re promoting to an unresponsive list that has no value to the buyer (don't do it)... and surely you wouldn’t run a solo to your customers…

Would you?

Sounds harsh I know but these people are trying to live a great life just like you are and that will NOT happen unless you understand the fundamentals.

“(Recap) Big list means big opportunity right? Wrong. A responsive list with good quality goal driven emails means big opportunity.”

I had a list of 200 people that were buyers and it out performed my friend’s Sarah’s list of almost 1,600 people that were –subscribers

I told her previously but “I had to prove to Sarah that size doesn’t matter” but, she knows now.

Moving forward

For a moment I want you to forget the saying “think inside the box”.

Thinking outside of the box can really drown your creativity. Here’s a fact (at least I believe it should be)…

The only way to properly be effective on thinking outside of the box is to know what’s in the box to begin with. I mean how can you think of a genius way to cure cancer if you no not how anatomy or medicinal chemicals operate?

How can you perfect the throw of baseball if you’ve never actually thrown one?

Learn your basics first, when you know your basics and have had success with applying these basics you will have everything to create something that fits in the frame of an outside of the box experience. (I got the chills, I llllooooooove writing).

This goes not only for email marketing but marketing, sales, life, catching Big Foot etc.

Know your basics.

What does your customer experience look and feel like?

Onsite and offsite - pre conditioning?

Ad – Sales Page – Upsell – Downsell

An ad is short for advertisement; in this case it means, anything that can take your customer from where they are, to the page that you are promoting.

An ad could be:

An actual Advertisement on a network or website

An article from an affiliate

A website

A link in your email

A flyer

A tv or radio commercial

Etc. Whatever

An ad is usually the first thing your visitor see’s so much like a conversation you want to make sure that the flow is very consistent from 1. The ad to 3. the sales page

That means, color, tonality of the conversation and feel.

This is all about the environment. Not too flashy but not too cheap feeling.

Sales Page –

A sales page is simple a page where a customer comes and you try to make a conversion and no the conversion does not have to be monetary. It could be an email opt in page, how?

Great question, it's because the subscriber is POTENTIALLY worth money. You have acquired something and so have they, it’s a mutual investment for you to give value and them to take it in… Sadly no one has to honor either side.

Remember a person can also be sold on an idea. The sales page has to be very consistent with the message in where they have come from before they actual see the page. If you want to sell something then make it easy. Consistency throughout the process bring along the feeling of familiarity.

Can you imagine going to buy a house and it looks so amazingly beautiful on the outside and when you go in it looks absolutely horrible; almost like it should have been condemned at least in the time of the dinosaurs? (just kidding, dinosaurs didn’t build houses. At least not the "long reaching" T – rex)

Back to business

Upsells –
It’s simply what you sell after you’ve made your initial sell. It’s a product or service that ads more value to your initial sale… A direct progression. Again consistency from what it is to the value… Consistent.

You bought a car? Great, would you like a steering wheel and tires with that? Ok maybe that’s a bit of exaggeration but you get my point.

Downsell –
Downsells are just like upsells but they are cheaper and well… Yeah, just cheaper. Don’t make your downsells less valuable. Content that’s not valuable doesn’t diminish your product, it diminishes the perception of you and your business which hurts everything you do.

You offer these, when a person shakes their heads no to the upsell, in hopes of them redirecting that headshake into an up and down movement to purchase the downsell.

That’s all I have time for today. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings. It was fun.

"Don't Just Follow Your Dreams - Stalk Them"
- Daniel
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