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Building your own startup

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Posted 29th June 2016 at 12:00 PM by Dario2



My golden rule is: Never let anyone else code for you. By that I mean, do not outsource people or pay freelancers to create your app or website. Every programmer has his own mindset and his own way of writing a code. If you give your code to 100 different programmers each of them will have their own way to improve or change code.

If you are not a programmer try to find a tech co-founder, it will be hard but still it’s worth a shot ( But if you are a programmer then you are lucky because will be able to control code and set standards with other programmers. Otherwise your app will become a prostitute, everyone will be all over it.

I’m a programmer and I like my code clean and controlled. For a tech startup it’s the most important thing. Try to find your phone in a messy room… The exact same thing is when it comes to programming.


Emotions are worst part in this mess. They can make you quit or make you succeed. I’ve been through emotion roller coaster and I’m still on it. Every day different feeling, worse than woman on her period.

I learned to control it as much as possible. If you get all moody: today you are happy, tomorrow sad, next day disappointed… it’s not going to work, at least not for me. The best way for me is to stay balanced and in the same mood every day: keep pushing, stay indifferent. That’s what worked for me so far.

The Iceberg Illusion

This iceberg illusion is what’s happening in every startup. You have to be all of it: dedicated, hard working, persistent, you have to sacrifice some things, learn from failures and stay positive after disappointment.

Dedication and Persistence

I had a problem I wanted to solve, so I started looking for a solution. But I couldn’t find any. So I decided to make my own solution. I was and I’m still dedicated to an idea I have. I’m not talking about app I built, I’m talking about vision I have. I don’t wander around trying to do 100 different things, I stick to one idea and to solving one problem at the time.

Be persistent, because if you quit too soon or if you don’t want to push hard enough, how do you expect to succeed?

Hard Work

Every day, every single day. I think about my problem, my solution, my vision, my app every single day. I’m trying to find the best way to realize everything. I’m thinking about how to make it better how to represent it to people, how to share my vision. It won’t happen by itself, I know I must work everyday on it (of course, everyone needs a break from time to time).

Good Habits

I’m well organized, little bit perfectionist. I love when things are sorted the best way possible. That’s how I manage to do everything I plan. If you were chaotic person, it would be much harder to find your way.

Failure and Disappointment

It happens almost every day. It’s part of a life and for a startup life it’s even more normal. Most important things is to learn from failure and not let disappointment take you down. I can find 1000 reasons a day to quit, I could have quit at any time, but I didn’t. Who knows what can happen tomorrow and you have only one life.


That’s maybe the hardest and most risky thing to do. Sacrifice your social life, your money, moving to another country, living in a cheap apartment, losing your comfort… You can’t sacrifice everything or anyone, this must be very smart decision to make.

It’s hard to stay positive and push forward when everything is staying put. But hey, you got to do it.
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