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What Type Of Warrior Are You And Do You Care?

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Posted 2nd July 2012 at 05:30 PM by darrylhudson

What type of warrior are you when it comes to writing sells copy in a way that gets
people to buy from you? Well it boils down to one thing really. You should write in a way that makes it seem like you care.

If you really do care that’s even better but at the very least you should always make a conscious effort to make it look like you do.

If not, you’ll get lumped into the same pile most of the warriors here get tossed in and that’s not where you want to be. Is it dishonest to make it seem like you care?

Here’s why…
The person you are right now is a sum total of every action and decision you’ve made
up to this point of your life and and since you can’t travel back in time, you can’t change who you are.

But, through your future decisions and actions you can change who
you will be. By consistently taking the action of writing to people in a way that makes it seem like you care, you are changing yourself into a person that actually does care about helping your readers.

When people read your emails and sell letters you write, they should easily come to the
conclusion that the only reason you wrote to them was because you wanted to help them do something they couldn’t do before or to share something about your personal experiences so they can learn without
having to make their own mistakes.

Remember, people connect with others who seem to offer them the best chance to achieve their goals or at least other people who seem to want to help them reach their goals the most.

And the thing is, you never really have to write about anything that spectacular. Sharing what has worked for you, your opinions, your
ideas or anything you believe would benefit someone reading your material is infinitely better than mindless hype you can’t back up.

The goal of any information you put out there to get people’s attention isn’t to try and sell them something.

The #1 goal of anything you write and send out to other people is to give them the impression that you are someone who is worth buying from by either truly caring whether or not your information helps them
or at the very least putting forth the effort to make it seem that way.

Again, whether you care about other people, want to help them out, value their time, or not, when you write to others it has to seem like you care, want to help them out and value their time.

You can’tassume people will automatically know what kind of person you are and that you’re in business to help them.

Consciously do things to make them see the kind of person they would want to do business with.

People draw conclusions because the mind is always trying to fill in the gaps between what is explicitly known and what can only be guessed at.

If you’re trying hard to help people with your free information, they assume (their mind guesses) that you try just as hard or harder with the products and services you sell or recommend to them.

================================================== =====
Remember: People care about themselves first, then anyone else who seems to care about them too. So when you do things for the people who are giving you their time, (reading what you write) they learn to
value what you say and do things to benefit you so that you feel like continuing to do things for them. It’s not about you at all.
================================================== ======

What usually gets you in trouble is the fact that you’re thinking about yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish. That keeps you from seeing the fact that if you want other people to give you what you want, you have to give them what they want first.

The One Question You Need To Ask Yourself

I’ve given you a lot of insight into my thought process when I approach a writing project but none of what I shared with you will help
you at all if you can’t honestly answer this question…

Are you willing to put what you want to the side and focus on
giving others what they want without thinking so much about how much you’re going to get paid from your efforts?

That’s a tricky question because even if you answer yes, that’s not enough. Saying what you’re willing to do and being willing to do what you say are two completely different things.

Your major competitors here on the WF are seen as people who have products that are
superior to just about anything you produce. Why? Because nearly all of them understand everything I’ve said you up to this point.

Respect the time other people are willing to share with you by giving them the best information you possibly can.

Forget about competition and that if you give away or sell some of your best information that it’s going to hurt you and your business.
That’s crazy because most of the people you share your information with won’t do a damn thing with it. (Feel Me?)

Out of every 100 people you could probably expect 5 people or less to go through all of it and put together a plan they will actually

But here’s the thing.
For every 100 people who buy your products only a small percentage of them will do enough to compete with you on any level whatsoever.

So about 95 people out of the 100 who gave you their money won’t do anything at all to put a dent in your business.

People get addicted to stuff that makes them feel good (Me Too). When you produce quality information that’s geared towards actually helping people, many of them will get a wishful thinking high.

What I mean by that is they’ll sit there with your materials and daydream about your information helping them to do something but they won’t actually put any of your information to good use.

Just having a great product in their possession is enough for them.

These types of people like to create ideal outcomes in their heads and scare themselves out of taking action because if they took action, they would be accountable/responsible for their own future.

I’m not sure where it comes from but people love to blame others for their past, current and future states. People don’t take responsibility for their actions anymore.

At least, they don’t want to. As long as
that mindset exists, you can produce highly valuable products and sevices then sell them to a lot of people knowing that you are not
creating a large number of competitors.

With that being said, there’s no reason for you to hold back the quality of anything you produce. Most people will say a lot of things but they aren’t willing to do a lot of the things they say.

They talk about taking action on good
information but they won’t.

So selling high quality products and count your money is one thing, however holding back on the quality of your information ultimately limits the number of repeat
customers you’ll have and takes money out of your pockets so don’t hold back.

On the other hand giving people the mental high they want and depositing the money you get into your bank account is your ultimate goal.

You’re not responsible for anyone else’s success.

If they don’t want to do what it takes to be successful, that’s completely on them, but do
give them quality products that works if they work them.

Plan for Success Ignore Them And Keep Moving Forward

Nobody likes rejection or criticism.
It absolutely terrifies most people and that’s why many of them will never get anywhere in business or in life.

No matter what you do you run the risk of being criticized or rejected by other people.

Every single time you create an article, newsletter, eCourse or report you put yourself in a position for someone to criticize you.

That one fact alone stops most people in their tracks before they can even start
because everybody (on some level) wants to be accepted.

Not everyone is going to like what you put out there so you need to come to terms with that right now and understand that you’re not alone.

Even the gurus get a little nervous when they
release something to the masses. You just have to be willing to push through that fear.

You’ll soon start to realize (as I did) that the majority of people will appreciate your efforts and look to encourage you on to bigger and
better things.

Forget the losers who have nothing better to do than to tear someone else down so they can feel taller.

Success comes to those who plan for it and are bold enough to go after it no matter who stands in their way.

Plan for success then boldly move forward with your plan no matter what.

I’m not the greatest writer in the world but at the same time, I don’t
ask anyone for permission to write and be successful at it.

Don’t ask for permission to succeed and don’t worry about how people will react to your work.

As long as you take the time to make sure you do your best, you have reason to be proud of yourself.

Everyone had to start somewhere and the people who would criticize you the harshest only want to keep you down so you don’t ever develop the skills needed to compete with them.

Ignore them and keep moving forward towards your goals.

Never let anyone take your accomplishments (big or small) away from you.

Just keep moving forward.

The Power Of Perception Is A Powerful Tool.

It’s Your Responsibility To Use It Wisely
You’ve probably heard the saying… “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” and it’s very true.

The first contact you have with someone is sometimes your only chance to get them to see you as you want to be seen so it’s critically important that you put some thought into that first contact.

What people believe is true is the truth as far as they’re concerned. That being the case, your job is to influence (right from the start) what people think the truth is.

Some of the people I’ve shared this view with say it’s unethical to try and make people believe something that isn’t necessarily true and I agree because that’s not what I’m asking you to do.

I’m asking you to actually have honest intentions with people and take measured steps to make them see those intentions where they would normally assume something bad.

Never let people assume something about you.
Let them know what you want them to know
upfront so it’s easier for them to let their guard down around you.

Just think about it.
How many promotional emails have you gotten this week about some new product?

How many of those publishers routinely send you helpful information without trying to make a sales pitch? (Not Many)

Whenever you see who some emails are from you automatically know it’s a sales pitch and your guard goes up. You aren’t likely to buy from that person when this happens.

That’s why I stress the need to send your readers more than a flood of affiliate links. That’s a big key to getting more people to
buy from you right there.

If you write a report about doing something
specific and get people excited about it, they’ll want to buy a product that helps them do what you just got them excited about doing.

Anything you can do to distance yourself from competitors like that can only help you make more money.

Your readers expect you to be like everyone else.

So Don’t Be.
There's no excuse for continuing to do what other Warrior always done and getting yourself lumped into a pile with the rest of your competitors.

You know better,so What Type Of Warrior Are You And Do Really You Care?

All that’s is left now is to make the right decisions and take action on them.

To Your Success The Ultimate warrior!
Darryl Hudson
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