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Genuine Interest in the Customer

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Posted 4th May 2009 at 04:43 AM by daryamconsult_aust

Why is it that 20 people can attend the same training session to learn customer service skills, and each person still provides a different level of service?
Why is it that organisations can spend substantial amounts of money training staff, and when you call that organisation you feel you have been subjected to scripting and unnatural conversation, with little confidence you received the information you were after, or that your request will be actioned?
The reason is that people talk to people, not organisations. People represent the organisation. The organisation can provide tools like training and scripting, however no amount of customer service training and scripting will substitute a person's genuine interest in the customer, and the desire to help them.
If you have a genuine interest in the customer, conversation will flow naturally. The customer will feel comfortable talking with you and confident you have answered their enquiry or actioned their request.
If you have the desire to help them, you will instinctively listen to what customers say and pick up on important words that help you identify what their needs are.
You will then be able to provide information to the customer in a logical manner and order, based on the importance to the customer.
After your interaction with the customer, you will be able check the customer understands the information you provided, and that will give the customer the confidence that their enquiry was dealt with to their satisfaction.

Further information is available in my 13 page instruction step-by-step Guide for Providing Exceptional Customer Service and Handling Customer Complaints.

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    Quite interesting. This is nice.
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