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Social Marketing Events With Social Media

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Posted 27th November 2010 at 04:08 PM by Dave Lianelli

Social media is there to bring like-minded people together, or facilitate discussions between non-like-minded people. Next to that it’s also a great marketing tool, since the most crucial aspect of social media is involvement. As you involve prospects into events around a product or service, you’ll find it easier to turn them into happy customers. Hard selling won’t be needed, since they’ve already ‘bought into’ whatever you’re selling.

Here are some tips to get you started in using social media as a platform for community building and involving your prospects and customers into your business. For most social media experts this won’t be any new form of marketing, though most entrepreneurs I meet don’t have a clue on what to do with social media.

For example, I’ve consulted at a big bank in Europe. They wanted to know what to do with FaceBook and Twitter. Next to that they wanted to know HOW to do that. There was one catch: they wanted to control the marketing messages and the discussions.

We broke up after I told them that was the whole point of social media, to open up the discussion on the world wide web. To work together with customers and prospects. Instead of just expressing their messages one-sided, it becomes a dialog. That’s something the ‘old’ marketers and CEO’s don’t want to rely upon.

Now let’s get on with the tips you can use in your business right now!

1. Announcing your event on FaceBook and invite your friends

Being fairly new to FaceBook, I find it very addicting to find out all the features. It sure has more bells and whistles than I saw at first sight.

One feature that I started using is the invitation to events. With a catchy title, an interesting description and a giveaway for everyone that attends you can reach a lot of new prospects. Social media makes it easy for everyone to refer some friends to you, so ask for it!

Make sure you catch the contact details of everyone. You might want to send potential attendees to a landing page to give their name and email address. On the ‘Thank You’ page, the page they reach after submitting their info, give them a link they can use to refer friends.

Advanced CRM solutions like Infusionsoft can easily let you give everyone who signs up a unique affiliate link. That way you can give attendees who refer another attendee an extra gift for their efforts.

2. Creating Tweeting Events

I’ve never found twittering attractive till I invited some of my clients in a twittering event. It’s very simple, we all twitter a message with the request to retweet it. Then we ask three friends we personally know, not just any follower, to actually retweet it.

Last step is to ask them to do the exact same thing, thus asking another three friends for a retweet. This can, if you have some motivated friends, enable a snowball effect. It can get you a lot of new followers and visitors to your website.

Be sure to have something interesting for the readers. On top of that, reward every participant with an extra free gift afterward. The more appreciation you show, the more likely they’ll participate in other events you’re planning to run.

3. Using Twitter for communication throughout any event

Create a new list of twitter account for your event and share it with your attendees. Ask them to use it for questions, feedback and chats during your event.

With a software tool like Tweetdeck you can easily view any incoming messages, including photo’s, video’s and links. Then you can immediately use them within your presentation or answer any upcoming questions.

At the end of the event you can ask everyone to tweet their feedback and use that information to improve your event. Testimonials and rave reviews can be used for marketing purposes and links, photo’s and video’s can be shared in a follow-up email or event.

4. Share and Cooperate Thru Google Wave

A new kind of tool that offers real-time cooperation on all kinds of projects. Whether it’s text, audio, links, video or anything else, Google Wave can integrate it.

You can use it to host every data stream you publish on the internet, blogs, twitter, facebook, podcasts and YouTube video’s. Visitors can comment on those items and you can track their entire history. A good tool to see what kind of effects your marketing efforts have.

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