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Change Your Mindset—Learn To Seek Riches of High Ticket Commission

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Posted 7th February 2013 at 08:21 PM by David Sahel

Change Your Mindset—Learn To Seek Riches of High Ticket Commissions-By David Sahel

Like any other budding marketing enthusiast, I never was interested, or even dared venturing into high ticket products as affiliates.

Moreover, when I learnt that the 'Gurus' always preached that affiliate newbies should start from 'bottoms up', I have to say; little did they know that these newbies never heeded their advice.

Instead, they tried their luck by reaping from the top, or rather high ticket products. This is why I confidently proclaim that it is the high ticket affiliate programs that newbies have to join.

I even understand that not many newbies like this idea and tend to run away from them. This is why I'd decided to voice my thoughts about the subject.
I think that if your job entails using your physical energy and time for money, you find it
difficult to even think of easily receiving high ticket affiliate commissions. This is why this article is written to help you decide if any high ticket affiliate program is actually worth your time and attention.

Common reasons for ignoring high ticket affiliate programs
There are various reasons for new online and internet marketing entrepreneurs focusing on low ticket products and services instead of the high ones. The first reason is because they don't know much about high ticket affiliate programs.

However I can prove of the existence of more than 700 high ticket products. When newbies look at these high ticket products however, the thoughts that enter their minds will be something like 'What happens if my investment fails? What happens to the invested money?".

On the contrary, those having a prosperity mindset get other thoughts with the same opportunity and say 'I will lose out on a great opportunity if I don't do this."
Most newbies are of the impression that there's no one out there who will be able to afford a high ticket affiliate program. They think that everyone's situation is like theirs; broke and broke minded, where everyone sails in the same boat.

They don't know that though this may be their life, it's not everyone else's life as not everyone is broke. In fact, every day, people spend trillions of dollars on everyday high ticket products like cars, big screen TVs, iPads and collectibles.

Newbies don't concentrate on these programs because it practically doesn't cross their minds and at times; don't even consider it an option.
Absence of a high ticket affiliate mindset.
Though they do know about these products, they don't have the prosperity mindset and think that no one is interested in buying these high affiliate products. At times, they may be in positions where buying a high ticket
affiliate program would be risky or a sacrifice for them, which they are not willing to take.
So it's actually the mindset that's playing games. This is because most of the people who venture into internet marketing are from weak backgrounds who work and earn only a few dollars.

Of course, you are not here to shake away these chains; but to realize that you have to think big with internet marketing. This is essential because you need to use the same efforts to promote big and small ticket programs; only difference is that you have to target the bigger buyers more.

Morover, learn to accept the fact that you deserve to receive a high ticket commission,
and that you deserve to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars as affiliate commission for various products and services.
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