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How to find Affiliate and JV Partners for your product launch FAST?

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Posted 3rd June 2009 at 06:10 PM by ~Davor Debrecin~

The easiest way to find partners is to search for websites that promote or sell similar products as your own beacuse your prospects are visiting those sites.

The difference between affiliates and JVs are that affiliates are marketers who promote products to visitors of their website or blog. And JVs are marketers who sell products in your niche.

It's a big difference because prospects affiliates send you will convert less than the ones JVs send you. The reason is simple. Affiliates promote to their visitors with whom they have no relationship and thus it's harder for them to pre-sell them.

JVs on the other hand have a relationship with their customers who have already bought from them. And also the product they bought is similar to the one you are selling. Because of that they will convert better.

Finding suitable affiliates and JVs can be time consuming. Especially finding affiliates.

There are two tools that will help you in the process. One is Affiliate Elite and the other is CBEngine.


CBEngine is an online service that provides statistical information about the CB marketplace. They keep record of each CB product and they monitor its results. That way you can see how a product has been doing over time. That is something CB doesn't provide, but it is crucial to make a good decision.

CBEngine also provides some useful metrics like momentum and rank change.

You will use CBEngine to quickly identify which of products from your niche are best performing. The best performing products are those ones who rank the highest. Since most CB products generate sales mostly from affiliates, the best performing products usually are promoted by most successful affiliates, ie. the ones you want to promote your product.

Once you identify the products, you need to find who are the affiliates that promote those products. Affiliate Elite will help you do that quickly and easily.

Affiliate Elite (among other features) enables you to find websites that are promoting the product you've chosen by entering a universal affiliate link for that product.

Then it will search the web for all websites that have that link, ie. that are promoting that product and will provide you with contact information for each website.

Now you have a list of all affiliates that are actively promoting a product similar to yours. You also know that most of those affiliates send prospects that end up buying the product which is crucial.

You now need to compose an affiliate offer and send it to all affiliates.

This way you can recruit affiliates that are promoting similar products through a website.


The best way you to find JVs that have a list is to look for all similar products on CBEngine. The information CBEngine provides for each product will help you identify which one could be a better JV for you.

Products that rank higher most likely sell more, ie have a bigger customer list. Also you know that its customers are happy customers, ie the publisher probably has a good relationship with his customers.

Another method to see which of the publishers could be a good JV is to go to ask members of a forum in your niche if someone has bought the product from that publisher and what they think about the product, the publisher, etc.

If you get positive responses you know you have find a very good JV candidate.

Compose a personalized JV offer and contact them.

Hope this has been helpful. If you have some questions, ideas, please leave a comment.

Take care,

Davor Debrecin.
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    Luxx's Avatar
    Very insightful article. I like the distinction you make about the difference between JV's and affiliates. Thanks for this!
    Posted 15th March 2012 at 03:46 PM by Luxx Luxx is offline

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