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[WORTH READING] Cool, effective and effortless way to get into the profitable 'dog training' niche

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Posted 4th June 2009 at 07:51 PM by ~Davor Debrecin~

Hi guys,

I just quickly want to share with you a cool strategy, or more a business plan, that I had planned to realize for a very long time, but I haven't yet got a chance to realize it. I really got more into doing product launches which is more profitable for me, so I haven't got a chance to do this, but this is a great idea and I'd love to see someone put in action.

I'm going to give you my entire plan as well why I think this should work. If you think this is cool, by all means, steal my idea and put in action.

This is not genuinely my idea, but I worked on it to make it more likely to make money and easier to implement. But I don't know from whom I first heard this, so I can't give credit to someone. If you think this was your idea, feel free to sue me.

OK, so the idea is to find additional keywords that are most likely searched by your prospects before they search your main keywords.

This is probably confusing, so let me give you an example.

Let's say you are in the dog training niche and you are selling or promoting stuff (ebook or whatever) to people that want to train their dog. Your main keywords would probably be dog training, how to train my dog, etc.

Let's just quickly check what Google says about these keywords.

For "All countries and territories", Google estimates 1,830,000 searches last month. And the Traffic Estimator says that for a CPC of $2 you could expect around 582 clicks each day, or costing you $1164

Stay with me, I promise this is all important.

Now, let's see what non-related to "dog training" keywords would these people most likely search for before looking for dog training information.

These people probably have dogs, right?
Well, what could a dog owner also be looking for? Probably dog food, dog health, dog toys (hm, that would actually be weird hehe), and so on. But these keywords are also too competitive.

Now, would some dog owners be looking for ideas on how to name their new dog/puppy? Let's see what Google tells us:

dog names - 673,000
puppy names - 165,000

Would you agree with me that probably around 50% of dog owners who once searched for dog names, searched for dog training some time afterward? I actually think that's a very conservative percentage.

Especially the ones who search "puppy names" because most puppies need to be trained. These people get themselves a cute little puppy, give it a coolest name on the planet, but then cute little Buddy starts shitting all over their place and they realize they need to train Buddy.

But now the most important fact. So we said that 50% of 673,000 (=335,000) will eventually search for dog training. In other words out of 1,830,000 - 335,000, or 20%, will be searching dog names before searching dog training.

Let's see the CPC and estimated traffic:

dog names: $0,15 - 125
puppy names: $0,11 - 21

Let's do some math: 582-(125+21)=509x2$=$1018 + 63*$0,15+10*$0,11= $1028.

The conclusion is that you get the same amount of targeted traffic (582) for $1164 - $1028 = $135 LESS!! Or in other words you could make $135 more per day just by creating another campaign for dog names and puppy names. That means an extra $4.050 per month. To me that's not bad at all.

The only thing you'd need to do is to set up a dog names website. That's easy because there's no copyright on names so you could just pay someone to copy and paste all the names from somewhere and create your own database.

Then you must capture the email address of the "dog names" visitor. Do this by telling them you are creating a survey about which puppy name your visitors gave to their puppies. As an incentive tell them you're going to send them a short ebook about something related to dogs (buy PLR articles and bundle them). This way you'll get their email address AND their puppy name which will be great for your future emails.

Now build a relationship with them, and after a week of them signing up just send an email saying "I'd like to share a short story with you about when I first got my beloved puppy Skipper. I really had a huge problem with him, he couldn't stop pooping all around my house, I mean it was horrible! I tried everything, but nothing worked. Luckily I found this and this site, first I was skeptical about buying it, but now I'm so happy I did. I successfully trained Skipper and now he wouldn't poop inside even if his life depended on it. bla bla bla" And put the subjected "Is *puppy-name*pooping all over house?" or something like that, but remember to put the name of their puppy in the subject line - it will guarantee high open rate.

And voila! You just sold a dog training product with a much less average cost per buyer, ie. with a higher profit margin.

OK, so that's what you need to do to make an estimated extra $135 in the dog training niche.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

This is where you could make some serious cash.

Let's analyze websites that rank high for the search terms "puppy names" and "dog names".

The #1 for puppy names is Puppy Names. Go and take a look at it.

This site probably get most of the 165,000 searches per month. Let's say 80% although I think it's much higher than that. So this site gets 132,000 visits.

What do you think - how much money does this site make each month? They have Adsens on the site and the ads are form GoDaddy (domain registrant), "Trace Your Surname" and hahaha, this one's funny - Sperm and Egg Donations, hehe. Do you think this is something someone searching for "dog names" is most interested in? I bet a $1000 no body clicks on that, nobody.

So we can assume these guys don't make a lot of money out of this site.

Would you agree with me that they make around $400 on a good month?

Then, would they be willing to sell their site for let's say $4000? Probably yes.

Now let's see what would happen when you would modify this site to include the above explained strategy of capturing their email address and their puppy name.

You only replace banners with an opt-in form and a little intro copy.

So you get 132,000 visits and let's say your opt-in rate is below average at only 20%. You get 26,400 subscribers each month.

You build relationship with them and you send them the same email as above. And let's say only 1% buy a product you're promoting and you get a $20 commission.

That's 26,400 x 1% x $20 = $5,280 and the aquisition cost is - ZERO.

And you'll agree with me these numbers are very very conservative. The opt-in rate would be much higher because they are participating in a survey where the reason why is because you want to know which name they picked. Plus, you give them another incentive - an ebook. Let's say 30%

And since you'll build realtionship with them before promoting something, you'd expect a much higher conversion rate. At least 2%.

With these numbers you'd be making around $15,840 each month. That's some seroius cash because once you set everything up, you don't need to do any significant extra work.

Phew, this is a loooooong post.

Now, the big question for me is: to press "Post Now" or not to press "Post Now"

This is a solid plan to make serious money and I gave you all the details. Hmmm. Maybe I should offer this on WSO and make some money out of it.

Well, I'll press submit. Knowing myself I'll never put this in action because I'm 100% devoted to do product launches for me and my clients. That's something I'm really good at and something I most enjoy doing.

So here you are, if you want to do this, feel free to use this and put it in action.

Take care everybody,


PS: There are two additional profitable and highely competitive niches I know of you could also apply this strategy. It's up to you to find more niches. This is definitely a cool and weird strategy that works.
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