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[SECRET EMAIL TACTICS] Part One: How to double your revenue by recycling your emails?

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Posted 2nd July 2009 at 09:08 AM by ~Davor Debrecin~

First tactic I'd like to share with you is what Ryan Deiss calls "Green Mailing".

And this is probably the most effective and easy way to increase your revenue from your promotions by up to 100%.

Ok, so here's what you need to do:

1. Create your email copy and write 3 different subject lines for it.
2. Send the first email to your list using the first subject line.
3. Then, one week after sending it, go to your Aweber account and choose to broadcast a new email to that percentage of your list who didn't open your first email (how to exactly do that is explained on Aweber)
4. Then create the same email as the first one, but use the subject line #2 and send it to that part of the list (that didn't open the first one)
5. Then another week after, repeat steps from 3-4 and send the same email with subject line #3

Because you know exactly who on your list hasn't opened your first email, ie. they haven't read your email, you can safely send them the same one with a different subject line.

This is a crazy crazy tactic and I'm just amazed by how many people are loosing money by not doing that.

Apply this to your email marketing and you will see an increase immediately.

Part two will be about increasing your opt-in rates, so subscribe to this blog by clicking on the 'Subscribe to this blog' link on the left hand side of this page so you can get it immediately when I publish it.

Take care,


PS: Test this tactics out and then leave a comment here on this blog post and share your results with me and everybody else. This is very powerful and so simple to implement, so go now and use it.
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