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"Inbound" Marketing Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-Founder HubSpot

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Posted 26th October 2010 at 08:35 AM by dbarnum

"Inbound" Marketing
Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-Founder

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Q: What do you say to a small business-owner who is still not convinced social media is worth his or her time?
A: Ask your customers and prospects how they are getting information. Odds are they will bring up search engines, Facebook and other online tools. Traditional advertising tools like the yellow pages and local TV will be missing in action.

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Q: You're an advocate of "inbound marketing"-using blogs, web content and other tools to attract potential customers. Why is this approach well-suited to small businesses today?
A: Blogging and content don't rely on money. The most successful small business owners that use inbound marketing have deep knowledge of their industry and create content that helps solve customers' problems. Because the content is valuable, it gets shared and acts like a magnet to pull in new customers. In this sense, brains are more valuable than budget.

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Q: How can small business owners integrate social media marketing tasks into their other responsibilities?
A: Blogging and social media can take time, but not as much as many business owners think. Just don't try to add inbound marketing to an already crowded plate. Think about what you do, relating to marketing or another part of your business, that isn't moving the needle. Then, reduce their time spent on that existing effort and shift it to inbound marketing.

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Q: What are some tips on using Twitter to grow sales?
A: Twitter can be a valuable tool for small business owners to build relationships. By using to monitor conversations related to your industry, youll be able to identify prospects and online influencers. Also, promote content from your blog on Twitter as a way to attract and bring in to visitors to your website.

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Q: Mobile devices are rapidly growing in popularity. What should small businesses be doing to make sure these users - and their apps - find them?
A: Make sure your web site and content are compatible with mobile devices. For example, sites built with Adobe Flash don't display on many mobile devices. Optimizing your site for visitors from mobile devices will ensure you don't miss out on any lead generation opportunities.

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Q: How can an entrepreneur best evaluate the right mix of marketing tactics to start a small business?
A: Marketing is not always simple. Having a perspective from outside of your business to help you improve marketing can be invaluable. A mentor can often find opportunities people within the organization might miss.

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