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My Updated eBay Tips

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Posted 1st August 2011 at 09:06 AM by dbarnum
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Be aware that a lot of eBay info out there, even from eBay pros, is outdated. So:

1) Always get the latest info, if you get anyone's guide

2) Still double-check and proceed slowly, adding auctions and Buy Now's, making sure to follow updated eBay rules.

3) If you see other eBayer's doing it, that does NOT mean it's OK. Within seconds, accounts can be suspended for any number of reasons from having a URL on an ebook cover to spamming with keywords just to get traffic, to any number of other things. Review auctions for ideas, but go to #2 above to set up your own.

4) Ebay support basically sends you to forums and online FAQs pages for most things, so start a bookmark folder or eBay document (like a gmail of links) to specific eBay pages of info you need a lot like the following ones, for starters (no affil).:

Selecting a selling format
eBay.com : Fee Calculator
Digitally delivered goods policy
Links, logos, and videos policy

5) Do your best, but know:

a) your account can be suspended at any time, for any number of reasons. So back up your auctions, saving the HTML / images, etc. to use elsewhere and don't fall too in love with your eBay store and / or account.

b) similarly even what you consider your best sale may result in negative feedback for no apparent reason. It's a number's game, most often, with no one to truly help sellers. So again, back up your auctions, saving the HTML / images, etc. to use elsewhere and don't fall too in love with your eBay store and / or account if negative feedback bothers you or gets too much at one time.

c) You can take a year off to sell elsewhere to get your eBay rating back to 100%, I believe that's the time line, and / or try to hire other eBayer's to sell for you or find other ideas to move ahead here.

6) Market as you would anything else by first setting up your own sales page (or better yet a squeeze page). This way you don't have to update auction links all the time and you keep your main URL out there. Announce your auctions and eBay store in your ezine, on print postcards, article marketing, press releases, etc. and again, send people to your sales page first...a short squeeze page with a leads capture form there so people can subscribe to keep updated on your sales.

OK, your turn! Have some eBay tips to share?
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