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Top Free Blogging Sites for Your IM

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Posted 1st April 2009 at 07:46 AM by dbarnum

So what are the best free blogging websites? There are lots to choose from. Here is a run down of the most popular free blogging websites.


Blogspot has been around for almost 10 years and has a user base of hundreds of thousands. Blogspot is now owned by Google but when it started it was run by just three people. Blogspot is a very easy to use blogging site that is great for people who aren’t really technically oriented. It’s easy to sign up, and the directions on how to create your free blog are very clear.
The Blogspot Help center is full of useful information on setting up your blog and promoting it too. Blogspot users swear that Blogspot is the best blogging service ever. Blogspot users can post in many different languages and in countries all over the world. There are easy to use add-ons for photos and other tools. Blogspot blogs are 100% free.

The downside to Blogspot is that it has limited functionality. If you are a person who wants to add a lot of bells and whistles to your blog and make it look very slick and modern then Blogspot probably isn’t for you. Blogspot is best for people who want to get their feet wet and try blogging but don’t have a lot of technical skills or background.

WORDPRESS – Get a Free Blog Here

Wordpress is another very popular free blogging site. Wordpress blogs are also 100% free. Wordpress offers bloggers more tools than Blogspot does.

Wordpress has more than twenty pre-designed templates that bloggers can choose from and also lets bloggers customize their templates. Wordpress also allows users to create their own tags to help search engines and readers find their blogs.

One of the nicest features that Wordpress offers is a complete stats package so that bloggers can see who is reading their blog and how they got there. They can also see what content is popular with readers and what readers don’t like.

Bloggers can show their stats to companies who want to advertise on the blog to show the company how many readers they will be reaching, which is important for a blogger that wants to use his or her blog to make money.


Live Journal was one of the first social networking and blogging sites but unfortunately, hasn’t really kept up with the blogging trend. Live Journal offers users their own free blogs but the sign up process is kind of complicated and the blog has very few extra features.

Live Journal blogs are great for kids and teenagers, and there is a strong community aspect to the site. Most Live Journal blogs are read by other Live Journal members and not promoted much on the Web. If you want a basic online diary and the chance to do some social networking then Live Journal is for you.

MYSPACE – MySpace | A Place for Friends

MySpace is a social networking phenomenon that also gives users their own free blogs. Asking someone if they have a MySpace page is as common today as it used to be to ask someone if they had a business card. MySpace offers users the chance to join millions of other people around the world who share their interests and ideas.

MySpace blogs are basic and don’t allow much customization, but most people don’t use their MySpace blog as a primary blog but just as a way to drive traffic to their main blog on another site like Blogspot. Some people do just use a blog on MySpace though.

Social networking sites like MySpace are integrated to work with Flickr and let users choose music and other embellishments to dress up their blog pages. Users can also add a custom made banner to the top of their blog and add links to all their friends’ blogs.

MySpace blogs don’t offer a lot of statistics but they do show how many times the blog has been viewed. Using a blog on a social networking site like MySpace is great when you want to really promote yourself because you can find lots of other people who share your interests and connect with them using your blog.

Some critics of MySpace say that the site is more geared towards teenagers and young adults and that older people aren’t as comfortable using the site but it’s worth check out to see if it’s the right fit for you. MySpace and other social networking sites like Facebook or Rethos can be very important ways to promote yourself or make friends.

TYPEPAD – Blogging Software, Business Blogs & Blog Services at

Typepad offers new users a 2 week free trial period to try out their services. You will have to enter credit card information in order to sign up but no charges are made to your credit card. Just make sure that you cancel within the two week free trial if you don’t want to use the service or they will automatically charge your credit card.

Typepad service plans range from about $4 per month for a very basic blog package to more than $20 for a professional level blog package. The basic blog packages offer users the chance to create their own photo galleries, add tools like music players, RSS feeds of other blogs, news and updates from other blogs, and other tools.

You can also have multiple blogs under one Typepad account, a feature that no other service offers. For some users, a service like this could be worth paying for. Families definitely can benefit from using Typepad to host their family blogs.

For example, if you wanted to start a family blog and your last name is Smith you could open a Typepad account where the username was smithfamily and your main Typepad address would be but if your kids each wanted their own blogs you could give each child a blog under that address so the address would be or or whatever the child’s name is.

There is a limit on how many blogs you can have at the lower priced service levels but any plan above the medium service package allows users to have an unlimited number of blogs.

More advance Typepad plans offer other nice features like customizable design templates, advanced statistics, the ability to podcast from your blog, the ability to have advertising on the blog, which will help you make money, and other neat tools.
Parents also can customize the blog settings for their children’s blogs to prevent the children from getting email from unknown users or inappropriate messages and files.

If you are looking for a family blog or a blog for more than one person, Typepad is a nice option, although it is not completely free.


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Have more free blogs sites to add for all of us? Please share info in Comments below.




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  1. New Comment
    i like WORDPRESS. Great Themes.
    Posted 1st April 2009 at 10:27 AM by henry799 henry799 is offline
  2. New Comment
    Roger Mayne's Avatar
    Hi Diana

    Great article. Your link to livejournal is wrong, though. You have linked to wwwlivejournal . com not www . livejournal . com
    Posted 3rd April 2009 at 04:35 AM by Roger Mayne Roger Mayne is offline
  3. New Comment
    Posted 3rd April 2009 at 04:53 AM by Roger Mayne Roger Mayne is offline
  4. New Comment
    dbarnum's Avatar
    Wordpress does have excellent themes, thanks for your post.

    Fixed the LiveJournal link, thanks for the heads up!

    Wow, Weebly & the others - thanks forgot them! That reminds me of :

    1) Google Knols at - more free posting.

    2) Zimbio at - free interactive magazine with 10 million readers!

    Any others?

    Posted 3rd April 2009 at 05:59 AM by dbarnum dbarnum is offline
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