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60 Sec Tip - 7 IM Money-Making Ideas

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Posted 29th April 2009 at 09:18 AM by dbarnum

7 IM Money-Making Ideas

One of my last blog posts here mentioned that there are lots of ways to make (and save) money with internet marketing products and services today, and listed 10 money-making and money-saving ideas. Here are 7 more to check out!

1) Coupons - People like deals, which is one reason to shop online. So give see which types of coupons work in your shoppingcart or find a cart that offers this type of check out. GoDaddy has inexpensive carts, for example, that allow you to create coupons.

2) Develop New IM habits - Take time to learn the various things that “trigger” your spending. When you are depressed, lonely, sad, anxious, excited, whatever it may be, do you spend more? Once you can identify these triggers then you can learn how to control them. As an example, if you were just laid off from your job, although money is tight, you may have an overwhelming “need” to spend money. Perhaps you notice that when you are bored, you head for the cyber-shops. Knowing what affects you will help you to discipline yourself to find other ways of comfort.

3) Make Your Own IM Gifts - If you ask people if they prefer a store bought or handmade gift, the majority would choose the latter. Handmade gifts are individualized and come from the heart. When you have a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, wedding, or Christmas gift to give, make the gift form IM products, think: PLR or public domain + CD/ DVD / Print and other formats, package and send.

4) Barter or Trade System - Gather friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers and set up a IM bartering system: service for service (build websites, write or video content, snap digital photos, do internet marketing, etc.) You would be amazed at the opportunities and the money that can be saved using a bartering system.

5) Avoid Temptations - If you have a particular weakness, stay away from it. If you love to gamble, stay out of the online casinos. If you have a weakness for shoes, drive past your favorite shoe auctions at eBay. While avoiding temptation is hard, it is also necessary in order to save money. When you want to give into your temptation, this is the time to use your “allowance”.

6) The Right Time to Shop - Studies have proven that when shopping while hungry, depressed, ecommerce and auction sites, eat something. If you are upset or feeling a little blue, calm yourself down or wait until you feel better before you head out to shop. As funny as it may sound, having a clear mind is important when it comes to shopping and spending money.

7) Stop Competing with everyone out there - You do not have to compete with anyone. Be proud of what you have and who you are. Package your own specials adding your own or revised public domain or private label rights (PLR) or content (articles, reports, autoresponder series, videos, audio clips, digital photos, graphics and more) to the package.

MORE - ??

Have IM money making tips for all of us? Please share info in Comments below.




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  1. New Comment
    Great stuff! Very good read.
    Posted 13th May 2009 at 01:35 PM by marsummers marsummers is offline
  2. New Comment
    dbarnum's Avatar
    Thanks! Trying to add more in other posts, too
    Posted 14th May 2009 at 05:22 AM by dbarnum dbarnum is offline
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