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Saturday doings

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Posted 15th August 2009 at 02:04 PM by DC Marketing

Hello everyone

Today I am cleaning up the house and looking into evaluating the last 6 to 8 months that I have spent on the net building a business. What do I need to change and what do I need to add and / or delete from my marketing.
As I evaluate the last six months, I see that I have come quite along way and make 100.00 a week pretty consistantly.
I am totally fed up with matrices, cyclers, team builds , the advertising niche in general along with downline building. Did I leave anything out? LOL
I have set up 2 Text ad exchanges and have a membership base of almost 1000 members at one and 450 plus at the other. I do many unique things to make them both responsive but what I find is that members run from site to site as fast as they can , emailing other members with their current endeavors, using all the free credits that come with their free membership , then move to the next one. This seems to be the number one problem and reason for so many failures on the net.
No focus and no dedication.
I have spent my first months on the internet building relationships with other marketers. This seems to be the best thing that I have done and what many newbies fail to do. Marketing by yourself is very hard and not having focus doesn't make it any easier.
I currently am looking into the new joint venture with GSX and ROTMIE which are combining forces and starting a new feeder program. Both of these companies are doing some really great things. They are both very honest and as dedicated as I have seen. They are both downline building programs but come with some really good training. They are making a huge announcement with their future program today August 14th.
I am in the process of deciding what I want to do as far as the blog scene goes. I really am interested in writing in general and have become quite the activist. Here in the U.S. we have so much going on with our government, supposed terrorism, fluoride and mercury poisoning and countless other problems that most Americans really have no idea of what the real "TRUTH" is, I am being drawn to devoting quite a bit of my free time to writing about it. On the other hand, I really want to be a successful on line marketer. My problem being, I really do not want to mix the two. By over analyzing this particular situation I am getting nothing done and when I write anything on either subject, everything collides and ends up making not so much a, as I am sure you are seeing here. (If your reading this!)
So, for today, I am doing with thing by writing.
I AM WRITING! and for me, starting anything is the hardest part. I find once you finally start putting your thoughts on some type of paper and become unafraid of the world's reaction, you can then get somewhere.
Now that I have started this blog, it will only get better and more focused and will define itself along the way.
Have you started a blog yet?
When you do, are you going to copy and paste articles into it or can you contribute your own thoughts into something worthy of reading?
My suggestion is JUST START!
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