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Denyros Review WSO & JVZOO Best Review & HUGE Bonus, Warrior Forum Blog
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Traffic Builder Full Review Automated Buyer Traffic from Reddit

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Posted 11th May 2017 at 03:20 AM by Denyros

OK so this is my review of Traffic Builder - overall it's stupidly simple - yet very cool product for new to intermediate marketers

I especially like the included link cloaker - if you do nothing else - get the cheap version - & you get a really powerful cloaker for all your your marketing campaigns with stats - yes you can use it for other purposes like email/facebook etc - you'll save a fortune on other purpose built products

I actually bought the product as I don't know the vendor & didnt want to promote something I don't fully understand ... so now & again I like to put my money where my mouth is...

The traffic source is Reddit which is about as old as the Internet, what's less well known is that the Reddit is mainly dominated by loyal readers with 8 million monthly page views per month in just about every niche ...this is in contrast to people discussing cat pics on Facebook or "look at me" on Instagram

Until recently Reddit was a nightmare to list on - make just one mistake & your post gets booted - that was aways the biggest issue - which is what this product aims to help you solve.

The platform helps you create image or text posts on Reddit with properly formatted offer links to avoid problems... better still you can track these so you know exactly what works/what doesn't

Initial Review

Traffic Builder is NOT a magic button or tool that will spit out cash at the other end - so try not to believe the hype too much .... None the less Reddit is historically is a damn good source of buyer traffic.

Obviously we can't do a full on traffic/profit test as that will take several weeks by which time the launch offer will close.

I've taken a punt on this as it's a traffic source very much untapped by digital marketers + a few of my SEO friends have bought this

Product Delivery

I got my logins emailed immediately after purchase albeit the email went to junk in my Gmail so if you buy it - check your junk folder before you raise a support ticket - that being said the login worked just fine.

OTO1 is the unlimited campaign upgrade - that's a no brainer - I got this too

I passed on the OTO2 upgrade for auto posting - it's will be useful for those who want to use this for your clients or thinking about using this platform heavily

What We Liked

Members area is very professional, not bloated with crap from other vendors & the training is very quick & straight to the point... so good work there. It walks you through the campaign setup for both image type posts & full on articles - very easy to do.

The built in link cloaker is awesome & a must for posting affiliate links on Reddit - it allows you to use your own keywords in the URL

For a laugh I tested the cloaker to see how good it actually is - it's impressive - you can even post cloaked Zoo links to Facebook - so you can use this product as a general link cloaker/tracker - which makes it a bargain for $26 - yes you can use literally this product for tracking any of your affiliate campaigns not just for Reddit - bargain

If you are a pro & already have a link cloaker/tracker & you understand Reddit basics then this is perhaps not for you... as then the only value is basic Reddit training

If like most people you are new to Reddit then the product is perfect for you & the link cloaker included is literally a tool you will use daily - it gets a big thumbs up from me

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