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iPhone Coming To Verizon - Now Is The Time!

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Posted 4th February 2011 at 03:23 AM by Derek Allen

So Apple and Verizon finally worked out the cards to bring something that Verizon customers have been practically drooling to get their hands on...the iPhone!

I myself am one of them but, I see something so much bigger than getting this tiny device into my hands. No, I see an opportunity to cash in on all of this crazy hoopla (that's just the way my mind thinks)!

As of the time of me finally sitting my a** down to write this, the iPhone 4 went on pre-sell to existing customers (I got mine incase you were wondering) and it has been reported that it is officially sold out! So what does that mean? Americas largest mobile network released this out to I don't know...thousands and thousands and thousand of people and they scooped this thing up like it was going out of style.

So what's this crazy opportunity I see?

To sum it all up in one word... Apps! That's right, games and weird stuff like Kama Sutra apps. Really if you can think it up you can make an app for it. It's just like Apple say, "There's An App For That".

I for one have been thinking about getting an app developed for a long time. I just never had that moment where I knew I had a winner. There have been times where I thought I had a genius idea, get home, research it and find out that it had been done and hasn't done so well.

I guess what I'm saying is, now is the time to take this stuff very seriously and keep our eyes open. I mean people in the app store are getting crazy rich off of these $.99 downloads...and were talking only people with at&t iPhones and iPods were the only ones that had access to the marketplace.

Now we have two huge cell phone carriers and the ipod crowd to cater to. How AMAZING is that?!... Think about this for a minute. You'll have the opportunity to get your app out to about a gazillion people. Oh, and imagine if it really takes off. I'm sure you have heard of the crazy popular game called Angry Birds, right? Well the people who made that game raked in a crazy sum of something like 12 Million dollars in 2010. Now I'm not saying I or you are going to make that much but just think of the possibility at hand here. Even if we just make like ten or twenty thousand in a year that will give us enough foot hold to put out more apps because we have a reputation and an established credibility. Even if you can sneak in an extra $100 bucks a day, I think that would be great. Even though Apple takes 30% or $.30 cents off of every $.99 cent sale.

I guess in my uncalled for ramblings I'm just trying to say that if you ever thought about creating an app to put in the marketplace the time to do that is now. You can get these things created for you on places like odesk.com for dirt cheap and sell the thing for years to come.

I seriously see this becoming another business model for me if my first one goes well. I'm still trying to come up with an idea but I have a feeling it's just right around the corner.

All-in-all put your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with. It might just be a 12 MILLION DOLLAR idea!

Thanks for reading this (if anyone actually does)!

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