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Making Money From Home on the Internet-Back to the Basics

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Posted 2nd October 2013 at 05:52 PM by DezertDawg

Making money from home on the internet has become the dream, the passion and the saving grace for many a family frustrated with the World economy and the prospects of employment, in the traditional sense. Yet many who try to learn how to market online fail miserably and often fine themselves in worse financial shape then when they first started. I know, because I have been one of them, until recently.

Hi, I am Steve Nordberg and no I am not going to be your internet coach. I am not experienced to take on that responsibility at this point and time. No, I am your old football coach, tennis coach, soccer coach, whatever type of coach you choose. I, however, am going to pretend that I am that old crusty football coach. A little overweight but highly experienced at building a championship team. Maybe I’ll be a John Madden type coach.

So what does coaching football, or for that matter any sport, have to do with learning how to make money from home online? Just like football, when things start getting tough, when games are loss and the teams sprit is down, what does a great coach do? He gets back to reminding and teaching his team “the basics” of football, which is simply,,,blocking and tackeling…remember?

Football like all things in life becomes over complicated and full of distractions. player unions, the NFL, TV rights, huge contracts, trade deadlines, on, and on and on. Yet at the end of the day football is all about blocking and tackling and a few other basics, like maybe passing.

Well online marketing, internet marketing, has a whole bunch of distractions that not only distract a rookie internet marketer from the basics but overwhelms, intimidates and confuses them.

There are so many so called “shinny objects” that are continually being created and thrown at us internet marketers daily. Software programs, automated lead machines, mega ad blasters, safelists, free this, fee this and on and on and on.

Yet internet marketing is really pretty simple when you get back to the basics of understanding and learning what internet marketing is all about. Three basics concepts are all that are required to learn to become a mega success online.

First, you have to find a hungry crowd of people. Second, you have to find out what they are hungry for and third, you have to give them what they want. That’s it. It really has nothing to do with the internet but everything to do with helping people get what they need or want. The internet is simply a tool and yet it’s a tool you need to learn how to use.

And the best way to learn the basics of making money from home online is to find yourself a coach who knows how to build a championship team, who knows the basics of internet marketing and who knows how to teach and will do so to build your confidence, your beliefs and your bank account. I know such a coach and it has taken me over 8 years to finally find someone who I believe in.

So, study the basics of internet marketing and fine yourself a mentor who you like, know and trust.

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