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Why buy your own domain?

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Posted 16th September 2011 at 08:55 AM by DianaHeuser

Domains or domain names are the equivalent of a physical or postal address but they relate to to the internet and are used by companies, organisations and even persons that give them a certain amount of authority over a part of the internet.
They are names that relate to Internet Protocols. Simple, as well as specific hostnames or related domain names help you locate a particular domain that you may be searching for.

In today’s internet era, a domain name is a part of the start up process of any business. It gives the business organization a base to act upon. Not only does it increase accountability but it provides a business with a medium through which the organisation can create its own intranet. The intranet in turn is used to give out employee-subordinate email ids that may be used within the company and with its subsequent clients. Once a domain has been bought, it can be used to post information and update the workings of the company on the internet so other people can be informed of the function and avail their services- thus increasing the business.

Having a personalised domain protects the brand name of the business by avoiding duplication.

Buying a domain is a fairly simply process. You must go onto websites that provide the services to help buy a domain (I included a list of sites where you can either buy or your own domain or get reputable company to do it for you). A list of preferred domain names must be prepared in advance and then entered to see which domain name is available. When you get a domain name of your choice, you just got lucky. Once a domain name is chosen, the website will quote a price in accordance with the level of the domain name opted for. This fee includes a payment which would be made to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), who oversee the name and number systems of the internet and charge annual fees for the sale and use of a particular domain.

There is one problem that people may sometimes face with a domain. The domain names, that are case sensitive or that may have been misinterpreted by a costumer, may guide them incorrectly to a different website from your own. Thus an organisation must take special care providing customers with their domain information to make sure that the clients are not confused or misled.

You may also buy an existing domain from its owners. The names and contact details of owners are available on their website. Selling an existing domain is called domain aftermarket. It is common practice for franchisee companies so that they are able to use the mother company name in their domain and continue working with ensured clientele.

Domains are now an integral part of a business and an organization may seize to operate altogether without a domain because it would cause a massive communication gap inside and outside the business organisation. So if you are thinking of starting up a business, start with your own domain so you can spread the word easily and efficiently and ensure a steady increase in customers. Don’t compromise with your credibility, and register for a personalised domain today.


Resources: (If you need to be guided. Speak to Michael)
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