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[KILLER PRESS RELEASE] - See the Latest Trips &Tricks

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Posted 2nd March 2017 at 06:39 PM by DigitalSignage

So Why a Press Release
Its an open secret in the World of SEO that press releases are a vehicle to help with link building efforts, but do the free distribution services actually work for the customer?
At the same time, in the Realms of Public Relations its known that one of the most important parts of the Press release job is media relations, connect with journalists, editors and bloggers and influencers drawing to their areas of interest.
Recently, there has been the emergence of free press release services. Quite a number of them out there. But wait!!!!! free press release services will rarely get you in front of those influencers as research is quickly showing. Only 5% free press release sites got our stories onto Google News in all our efforts and that was just about.. and this is why
Journalists and bloggers and influencers have no interest in visiting free press release sites for news
Neither would the spend time crawling such sites for Google News?
As such, its unlikely that your press release wont appear in a Google web search
Google today considers very much user/reader experience and this is an area most of these sites fail
Because its a free service, there is not an incentive for Free Press Release services to help with link building
And many more reasons am sure you could think of
So. Is it beneficial to pay for writing and distribution of your press release on a premium/paid news wire? Why?
First out, a Press Release is NOT FREE to write! And if you write it yourself, really as well as you can, what you will often find is that relying on a free press release distribution service to get your news in front of journalists and bloggers and influencers reduces drastically sometimes fatally, the odds of it working through the news system except perhaps in a few special cases. My opinion is, if you really must use a news wire service and want to give it every possible chance of success, your best chance is with a premium service.
So, while the answer to the above question, as is often the case could depend. In my view, this is a definite YES YES YES
So Here is How I manage to get a Killer Press Release.
For a long time, I have spent some sizable amounts of money and effort on press releases for my many online businesses and only ever managed a handful of interests from influencers and barely any traction in main stream media. And soon, my efforts faze and the press release is no more!
So I kept wondering to myself, whats the point investing in writing and issuing news if no-one covers it?
This is the reason I invested quite some considerable time (and money) in developing my unique way of getting this traction with 1000% more ease than when I have hired professionals.
So, You still get the old bits
Such as
A Researched and Written Content and Keyword feature rich press release to distribute through LUBESTUDIO Presswire
Reaching out to LubeStudio News members and beyond with feature rich options and targeting.
Your releases appear on major network websites throughout the United States. LUBESTUDIO Presswire has extended distribution to U.S and U.K, Canada and Australia. Broadcast Media
Unlike our competitors we combine a press release service with our own media monitoring websites which annually serve millions of people. So Your press release will be seen by journalists, business, industry & government professionals categorized by geography and topic.
What you dont get it the Old approach of doing pre sell-ins to influencers to see if your planned release might be of interest them. The newer methods do the same trick in a far easier way of getting your news out therewithout the pain of having to spend painful time convincing the unconvinced!
Well, we've changed the Whole Concept of Press Release and Distribution well sort of and this is where were different
We create you a visual channel, your to keep at no extra cost.
What you can do with it is infinite. Think of it as your own TV channel that you can add other promotional or branding materials to just as your press release continues to do its work. As 1000s of visitors visit it, they see your press release, and see your other actionable items displayed with images, text, video.. etc
So, You can now issue your press release, get it distributed to over 80 different high PR sites directly on the web and have it screened on your very personalized online digital signage to give extra class, visibility and traction.
Your Press Release is placed permanently on your screen, and all future releases automatically sync on your screen absolutely FREE of charge. It means, you can promote even more as you bring the rest of your products and services into the online world on your very own screen.
No Press Release Service anywhere in the world is like this...
This is revolutionary... Best of all, your business is jumping your competition with ease. Track The performance of your campaign in your account in an easy fashion. And lots more tools available with your package. This is worthwhile investment.
We sync it to the growing network of thousands of our followers and fans on our social networks too.
So what do you get with This Lubestudio Newswire Service?
Well, quite a few things
A quality release written by one of our award winning and seasoned journalists that handle every single part of your release with care and attention it deserves.
Media Traction through reaching out to thousands of journalists and influencers in your target sector
Social media distribution through the thousands of our ardent followers and fans
Good Quality Links through distribution to over 80 networks and growing list
Your own TV channel. A FREE online and dedicated brand digital screen to showcase your brand and releases and more updated as you wish to give you an extra edge over your competition.
We Feature Your Press Release and highlight it above all others for extra visibility
We feature your release on our active and highly popular main company online digital screen that's viewed by thousands online every day
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