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When I Got Hit In The Balls - Part Deux

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Posted 22nd August 2013 at 06:14 AM by DocTheCoach

As I ended yesterday’s post, I was completely caught up in the often termed “shiny object syndrome” that plagues confused internet marketers. We buy things, tucking them away for a use that never comes.

But it should be shared that what paralyzes most online marketing careers is failure to focus on a strategy. And I had that in spades.

So now I return to things by describing my despair. I was a bright and articulate man, but I had no idea how to swing a plan of action into place that would begin to pay any regular income. In fact, I was beginning to wallow in bad circumstances and my marriage had taken just as many hits as my fledgling career.

The conversation with my wife went poorly. I was no longer holding up my end of the income bargain, and I wasn’t much company to be around either.

Fast forward and we’re at a point where the marriage unwinds. A reasonably amicable divorce follows, but I am still not generating more than a random commission here and there.

No traction. Further disgust.

And then a guru crossed my path. By that time I’d become moderately hostile toward pretty much anyone who’d figured out how to make money online, so it’s shocking that I heard the truth he shared.

He recommended simplicity. Focus.

I grabbed on to what he said and decided to follow the area in which he’d become wealthy: building a list (of customers).

And we fast forward to now.

I make a regular but non-earthshaking income with my list. I have a great time doing this – and I exercise twin passions for writing and teaching.

I didn’t write this to celebrate. Most of it, frankly, embarrasses me.

But I want you to know that there is success to be had.

This internet lifestyle is real, even if elusive.

And I will do my part to bring you (and any others who are interested) along with me.

Chin up!

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