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It's Takes Courage, Hard Work and Persistence To Make Money Online

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Posted 26th December 2011 at 02:11 AM by Dominis Marketing

I'm writing this post to share my personal experience. For the past 4 years I've been busy making money online.

I must admit, those years weren't easy and I had to try a lot before I was able to finally find what I'm good at and made decent income from the thing I do.

But before all this knowledge that I know now, I had to research, get employed online and study.

Yes, I had to WORK online. Though it wasn't in vain because I learned a lot by being employed. Still it's hard because online workers aren't paid as much as offline workers. Employers think that they can short change online workers because of lesser overhead on the part of the workers, they say that the exchange rate is also high (yeah but that doesn't mean you can get paid cheaply and be able to take care of your expenses).

Still I worked and I worked hard. I delivered better than some of the other online workers and I showed initiative. I made decisions for the benefit of my employers and most of the time I was the star player on the team.

But I wasn't happy. I knew that my real goal is to do things for myself and it's the fear of taking responsibility for my actions that's keeping me from working for myself. I needed courage to lose sight of the monthly secured income and venture on my own without any assurance of a monthly income.

But I still did it. After a couple of employers and after making them millions in sales I decided to make it on my own. And I tell you it's a lot of hardwork. Think about developing 3 products in a week! This is all hard work and discipline to go and finish projects even if you're not sure of an income right after you finish it and all you have to depend on is somebody seeing the value and honesty you give them with your products. That your product isn't invented out of thin air.

But things work out for good for those who have the courage, do hard work, strive and are persistent with their efforts.

I can say this because just in the last two weeks, I already made enough to be comfortable for the time being and to celebrate
Christmas and An Excellent New Year.

That's how it is to make money online. You have to be strong enough to lose sight of the shore, strive enough to go to where you want to be and finally get the things you are aiming for.

I still have a lot to do and things to work on but I know deep inside that it's all worth it and I can live the dream..To make consistent money online and keep my family secured.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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