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How to REALLY support your favourite site!

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Posted 18th January 2011 at 01:11 AM by donnan

Most marketers have a real FAVOURITE site that they really want to do well and be successful. Many of these sites don't succeed because of a number of reasons, but a very prominent reason that sticks out to me is their members don't really know how to FULLY support the site.
If you really want a site to be successful then you have to FULLY support it. Saying that, if all sites were fully supported correctly by it's members then every site on the internet today has a very good chance of being successful and being able to generate returns for it's members.

It doesn't matter what sort of site it is. If you believe in the site, whether if offers goods or services then to reap the most out of the site you have to give it your FULL support. Would you have believed this site made the guy $1 million + http:/// His members supported it. Then the TV and media grabbed it. Yes, he did make the money and yes I was a supporter of it and made lots of sales from my little box.

I will explain FULL SUPPORT shortly.

All online sites need members. There are many members, in lots of sites, but many sites lay dead because of a number of reasons. Alot of sites just can't seem to get off the ground. They get a couple hundred or if they are lucky they might scrape together a few thousand members, but in the majority of cases I have noticed, sites with thousands of members only have 100 or so real active members. So what chance has a site with a member base of 500 got. Well a site of 10 members can be very successful, if all of those 10 members know how to support the site FULLY.

One reason most sites fail might be that members have not got a return from it quick enough so they lose faith in it, just as quick. Another reason might be that the site is always having problems and a member can't get support as quickly as the member needs it. A further reason is that when a member originally joined the site it looked fantastic in what it had on offer in alot of cases it just looked too good to be true and then the member finds it was some scam site where the owners built it to make a quick buck and fly.

A HUGE problem with members not supporting a site is that those members have way TOO MANY other sites they are trying their heart out to make something from, but even those sites are not getting the full support they need to be successful. So in the long term, the only person that makes any real money from the site is the owner and often it is not as much as it could have got if it had the full support it needed.

Overall the issue here is all about member SUPPORT where in this case we are talking about members giving any site their fullest support. The other points I made earlier are for another blog.


Signing up is the first very important step. This is support in saying, "hey I like what you are offering, I am in".

Getting in the door and doing nothing is a total waste of your time. It doesn't make the owner feel too good either. They think, "why did they bother to join, maybe they are hoping success will fall into their lap without doing anything for it". Lots of people hope this is the case. Just somehow magically that by joining a site they are instantly going to get money to riches and their financial freedom will just be there for them. They think the internet is a tool they can use and everything falls from the sky without having to work for it. Well the sad news is, there is no free ride.

Most sites require something they need their members to do. This is all part of supporting the site. It might be to purchase products or bring in referrals or offer some other type of service to it's members. But members must participate in the site to the fullest capacity to be really able to make the site payoff.

If you are a member of a site and it relies on you buying their product or you selling their product for them and you make a commission on each sale, then you have to be willing to make the effort necessary to make those sales. Use the tools the site provides. The site owners know how they want their members to sell their products and often supply those tools to make it happen. Making a half hearted effort always is never good enough when sales are concerned. You must follow up, update, keep promoting, check links, pages, ads, add/remove products as necessary, keep files updated. There is a whole stack of work to do to make sure you get the sales.

Sites that rely on members referring others and then pay a commission or referral fee often know the best way to acheive that result. If the site owner has no idea, then that will surely be failure of their site which was no one's but their own fault. You should be following the suggestions of the site owner, because they should have the best idea on how to make the site a success.

To get the word out, is a constant task that must be done if you want to promote and support any site. Patience also plays a part. Be patient and keep doing it! That should be everyones motto.

Getting back to fully supporting a site, I don't know of any website involving membership that doesn't have links on it. There are lots of different places those links will take a member and those links will do a lot of different things. The important thing to look at here is that the links need to be supported by the sites members in most cases. Click the links even if you may not really be interested, because by clicking the links it makes the site work the way it was built.

Any link that has a value at the end of it, that will help generate revenue for other members, the owner or you, should be clicked by every member of the site on a regular basis! Even if the owner is the beneficiary upfront, if they have the cash they can make their site better, so you are doing them a big favour by clicking the links and in the long term it does come back to you. This is support in another way.

Lets look at google links. These are very important links for a site because they generate a constant revenue. I want you to think about this for a moment. The revenue is going to the site owner in most cases, yes but there are sites where Google links or Bidvertiser, Webtiser type links either part or all of that cash could be coming back to their members. People seem to hate advert links because our lives are just full of ads. But on the internet and making money online ADS ARE THE NUMBER ONE thing for ALL sites. Without ads the internet for entrepreneurs is gone.

Look at the sites where you are a member. Is there links you should and could be clicking on, which will help the site owners or help the members of the site. If the site is successful then that has come from the members and the support they have given the site. Links that don't get clicked, when you want a site to be successful shows in a number of ways. Ads don't get changed, files don't get downloaded, pages don't get updated, members don't go in there anymore. These are all signs of a failing site.

Supporting a site fully is participating, being involved in anything and everything the site has on offer. Participating is giving feedback, helping others, networking within the site, offering suggestions for improvement, helping other members, clicking on ALL links (even google type links- very important as mentioned earlier!), adding to content, advising of problems within the site, emailing, messaging members, discussing better ways of doing things, download, upload, chat, tweet, facebook, surf, share, click, click, click. It goes on and on. If you are not investing enough time in your favourite site, then you are letting it down and you will never be able to make any SERIOUS money from that site. So your best bet is to stop wasting your time on it.

Most members of sites don't spend enough time on a site to fully support it and this is, I believe is one of the biggest problems why 97% of users on the internet fail in being online entreprenuer's. They just have spread themselves so thin between sites that all they are doing is helping make the owners of those sites the little money they make.

Here is my advice to give you the best chance of making some real serious money from the Internet.

How many sites do you use on occassions which you have been a member of for over 1 year and it is still not generating any good return for you. You need to ask yourself. "Am I fully supporting this site to have given the chance it deserved to make me a good return?" If the answer is no, you need to work out whether you can commit yourself more to it to help it work.

If you can't commit more to it, remove your account. Get rid of it!

Some marketers I have met have more than 10 sites....and yes....guess what they are making NOTHING!

How many sites do you have? Are you spreading yourself too thin?

Get rid of those sites that are draining your time and your efforts. You will never make any real money until you are prepared to make some hard choices.

Find 3 sites you really like and you really believe in and support it to the fullest, because if you do, you will soon start to see the reward of doing this.

Manage your time. Advertising promotion is the biggest part of your time, so be careful where and how you spend it. This is for another blog.

Each of the 3 sites should take at least 1.5 hours of your time everyday if you want to be successful with it. Any less and you are not giving the site the chance to get you what you want.

Be honest with yourself. If you have been trying to make money on the internet for years now and you are still struggling think about what I have shared in this blog. Chat to me anytime. I love to share.
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