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Site flipping?

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Posted 20th April 2009 at 06:36 PM by dorim

What's all the uproar about site flipping? The $17 ebook is tempting, but where do you sell sites for thousands like the headlines in the site-flip sales page describe? What I've seen are sites on ebay and sites on sitepoint that are selling for around $100 each, poorly put together sites at best. I saw a blog on the Warriror forum selling for $17 and a few days later the same blog was being auctioned off on sitepoint for $200. I didn't follow through to see if the site really sold for that much money, but I guess that's an example of site flipping. Its going to have to be a good money making site for anyone to spend a thousand dollars on. Can this be done from a $17 ebook?

I wasted money on another ebook that was written for a preschooler.
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    Hi Dorim,

    Site flipping ain't rocket science. It gets a bit tough sometimes to choose the right products, many of them are written with an aim to just make profits for the author. (that is to say that they don't care about you as a customer... they care about you as someone who gives them money for whatever BS they put out)


    Sales pages are written in such a manner that they have to be tempting. You don't have to spend your hard earned money on every other product. Instead, grab advice from the forum, ask questions, involve and use that money to take action. It's a much better way to do this.


    Now, you asked What about the $1,000 flips? I'll give you one idea you can implement to go around a $1k flip.

    - Wordpress themes: Now a days, there is a huge craze for premium wordpress themes. The best of cost effectiveness and good looking in one. Wordpress has a large userbase you can benefit from.

    Getting such a theme done can cost you $100-$500. Plus add $200 marketing costs. Now, if you compare it to $17-$27 products, THAT (the experience you get by doing) is MUCH more important). And $17-$27 really add up.

    Back to topic, get such a theme done - get it coded and promote it. You can adopt a per license basis and when you're making steady cash from this -- you may flip the website.

    I can assure you, if marketed properly, this will go WAYYYYYY above $5k-$10k.


    A poorly done blog with 10 PLR articles ain't gonna go for even $150, let alone $1,000. That's what most of the Site flipping eBooks "preach".

    If you wish to hold sites in the long term, then a blog making $150 a month can easily sell for $1,000 if it has decent history.


    And at last, you've refund rights you may exercise. Stand against such things, and they won't happen to you.
    Posted 20th April 2009 at 07:00 PM by InternetM39482 InternetM39482 is offline
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    Thank you Swastik!
    Posted 21st April 2009 at 05:24 PM by dorim dorim is offline

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