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The Law of Attraction and Your Business- Helping to Manifest Success

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Posted 19th June 2013 at 11:14 PM by Dr.Aljonaid

Naturally, everybody wants to have some measure of success in their lives.

The Law of Attraction has been gaining popularity as a way to gain success in your personal life, your business, or career and for people to achieve personal growth. However, the problem is that there is so much information that is incorrect about the Law of Attraction that people who are truly interested in how they can use this powerful manifestation tool to help themselves can end up getting an inaccurate idea of just what the Law of Attraction is and how it really works.

First of all, the Law of Attraction really does work but you have to understand it and more importantly, believe in it in order for it to work. Many people say that they have tried it and it did not work for them but that statement in itself is problematic.

The Law of Attraction is not simply a method that one can pick and choose from in order to gain benefit from it. It is a Law, the principals of the Law of Attraction hold true rather or not you believe in it or not. Much like gravity, you do not have to believe in it, but it is there!

The Law of Attraction can help you with your business, but only when you take the time to understand it and use it properly. It is not a quick fix for fast cast or instant success and that is why so many people feel that it has failed them. When you do not use something properly, you will rarely get good results; that is true for all things and the Law of Attraction is no exception. Utilized properly it is a solid and reliable way to get results which is why savvy business owners are starting to see the value of using the Law of Attraction to benefit their business success.

Because there are so many myths and misconceptions about it, it will be useful to dispel some of these misunderstood aspects of the Law of Attraction. Understanding these will help you realize why others might have tried to use the Law of Attraction but had only limited success. Knowing why something did not work will help you greatly because it will help you to avoid making the same mistakes, smoothing your way to success.

Misunderstanding #1If I visualize it then it will come to me

The Law of Attraction does involve visualization but it is more complex than just visualizing what you want. Many people who claim that the Law of Attraction did not work only tried using visualization to get success, and you cannot pull out bits and pieces out of any method and expect to have glowing success.

We are the creators of our own destinies. People erroneously think that simply by visualizing that success will be manifested. That is not how it works. We achieve success through the vibrations that we put out and visualization is only one of the tools that helps us be able to tune our thoughts into vibrations. Your core thinking is the force behind your success, not simply visualizing.

For example, if you want to be the top salesperson for the month and you visualize yourself closing sales but if in the back of your mind you think that the goal is too lofty or unattainable, you will be working against your own best interests.

Misunderstanding #2 – Not having clearly defined goals

If you ask five different people to define success you will likely get five different answers. When you want success, you need to know exactly what kind of success you want. Do you want to hit a monthly profit goal, sign up x many new clients every month, boost your client retention by x percentage, or even open a new location within x amount of years? In order for you to have success, you need to know just what success is for you and the way that you do that is by defining your goals.

If you want to realize your business goals, you need to have a clearly defined goal that you will be working for. Knowing exactly what you want is a big part of the puzzle. Simply wishing for success is not enough. When you hold a clear goal in your mind, that gives you something definite to focus upon and to attune yourself to, which plays a big part in how well you are able to reach your goal, and how quickly.

Misunderstanding #3 – It takes too long to work

This is not a magic spell that will magically manifest your desires upon your doorstep. Sadly, many expect that it is and that is why they get frustrated and say that it does not work. This is not a way for you achieve your goals without doing any work yourself, far from it! It is a way for you to change your thinking so that you are better equipped to take action, helping you work towards your goals quicker.

Quicker does not mean instant. As with anything, it takes time. The Law of Attraction helps you adopt the mindset that you need to have to make your business success goals be realized. If you want success, you need to be diligent with what you are doing and be persistent. Giving up should never be an option.

Manifesting success using the Law of Attraction does work. People think that it is a new-age way of thinking but in fact, it has long been used by people all over with great success. This is success that you can also have.

When you learn to attune yourself to your goals, you will begin to see changes in the right direction; the pieces will begin to fall in place. This is no magic spell that brings about your success but it is a way to change your thinking for the better, for helping you define your goals and then helping you realize them. Remove the negative thinking from you mind and find the success that you desire and deserve with the Law of Attraction.
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