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Rich or Lazy: Your Choice

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Posted 24th October 2010 at 02:58 AM by drwhogoesthere

Once again the tabloid media of Australia does it again. They are running headline about how the rich people have money and the average person does not and that it is all wrong. They are promoting the fact that the people at the top of big businesses are earning millions and the poor old worker doesn’t even get a 10th of that amount. It’s an absolute outrage and a national disgrace that the average worker doesn’t earn millions every week themselves.

The actual outrage and disgrace is that people that call themselves journalists can write such rubbish, and still have respect for themselves. I know why they do it; because headlines like that sell papers, even if it’s only half true. Omit certain facts and embellish others and call it news, and that is what every commercial news report is about. As they say “why let the truth stand in the way of a good story?”

Now I can understand why people get upset when other people make a $20 million a year when they only make $50, 000 but they do miss some main points. The people at the top of big business have a lot of responsibilities and a lot of peoples financial lives depend on them. They are on call 24/7 and if something major happens they have to be on the scene and deal with the situation.

The other major fact is that they have spent years working hard, long hours away from family and in stressful work situations to make it to the top to earn that money, why the average worker has stood about with their finger fair up their backsides whinging that they should have more money for doing only half the work, time, and effort of a CEO.

So here’s the point, Shut Up. Stop whinging and if you want the big money go and do what is required to get the big money. Go and get formal education, start at the ground floor, work 12-14 hour days, spend weekends working, manage the different personality traits of you employees, work your way up through the system and fight your way into a good position. Then, and only then, if you’re not earning good money for all the time and effort that you given to the business, you can have a whinge.

I don’t know who ever told you life was meant to be fair, but I know two things, they were stupid, and they were wrong. Things like fairness and equality are silly rules played out in school class rooms around the world. The real world is about everybody for themselves and the one that works the hardest and smartest is the one that comes out on top, and if you’re not that person, then go suck eggs.

If you want money, then get of your backside and go and get it. It will not come to you and no one is going to work hard to make you money. This is the choice you have to make so for god’s sake make it, decide to work hard and have what you want, or stay where you are and be quite.

I will also tell you this, you cannot be lazy and rich. Even lottery winners that a lazy soon lose it all and have to go back to work. So what do you want to be? Rich, or lazy? They are your only choices.
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