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Colorado’s Mary Jane Complication: Fear of Success?

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Posted 30th December 2012 at 04:59 PM by dwave

Not sure if you caught the title, but Colorado has just passed the legalization of marijuana, along with a couple of other states. But funny thing is, it’s still not legal in federal law. I wanted to bring this point up because this is proof that this world is ready for enlightenment, but there are those that will hold it back who are not ready. Success for the world is enlightenment, which ultimately produces peace, right? But fear of success likes to veer its little head. I wanted to talk further about this fear of success that not only infuses many of the higher ups, but somehow finds its way to trickle down into us as well. Yes, I know you are asking, how is it possible to be scared of success?

Easy: You’ve finally made the dream come true and now, the spotlight turns on, and now you have to not only work to keep that dream alive, but to live up to it in the eyes of many. We have to keep maintaining the engine and fueling the brand. Now, isn’t it so much easier to just not have to worry about it? Is our dream really that worth it to us to go through all that? Some of us think it’s not. And here comes fear entering into the equation of our dreams, and therefore, destroying them altogether.

So, how to overcome this? Five minutes before you go to bed tonight make it clear as day that you want the success, and you’re ready for it, and know you will receive it. Fill your mind with visions of your success and how good it feels. Don’t let that fear creep in giving you doubt and stopping you. It’s your dream, nothing should stop you from succeeding in it.

By doing this, you will let the universe begin to open its floodgates to your success. Things will begin to work out. Tasks will be easier to achieve. Stars will begin to align with little effort on your part. These will be your signs that you are ready to take on your dream and you are no longer afraid. Allow yourself to accept this success. I know this sounds crazy, but I know this because many of my clients that I coach and many people I’ve encountered are never ready to launch their product or business, even though they so badly want to, but will continue to come up with any excuse to not launch yet. Yes, I know, crazy but true. Anyway, do this practice every night five minutes before bed, and you will see yourself launching your dream project soon.

As for the MJ thing...what I’m saying is this is a perfect example of the craziness I’ve described above. If the higher ups weren’t so afraid of enlightenment, marijuana would already be on its way to be legalized federally. We all know alcohol causes more deaths than marijuana, you’d think that’d be obvious on which way to swing that decision. More importantly, reaching enlightenment is known to include the free will of the people, meaning free will over what they put into their bodies as well. The federal government can make the states feel like they have some power over it, but the fed still keeps the control, and therefore still hold onto that fear of success for the world. Let’s change it, starting with ourselves, yeah? With our dreams, not only with weed

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