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Pushing Forward: Handling the Word "No"

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Posted 10th November 2011 at 10:37 PM by Dwayne Morrison

In the future, I plan on creating more "Pushing Forward" posts in my blog which will explain various circumstances in which you can learn how to not only move forward and learn from a situation, but also take it and apply it to other things in daily life. In this one, I'll discuss the matter of handling the word "no" when it comes to acquiring funding for your project or business. The truth is, it's never easy to hear that word especially when you know how profitable your business will potentially be after it acquires the funds to get it going, but unfortunately not all investors will see that.

You either make it or break it and you can either take the word "no" and view it as something that you'll sob and cry over, or you can take a step back and look over your model to see what you can do better in the future. Yes, there are many possibly close-minded investors who won't see your model and they'll give you the "why don't you just work and raise your funds that way?" excuse, but then again isnt that way you created your business model?; so that way you can create your own lifestyle as opposed to going along with the typical 9 to 5 job so many others do?

The point is, take the word "no" and embrace it. You'll soon find out that when you do find the investor(s) who see your projects' worth, you'll feel accomplished and you'll have that mentality that not only were you were able to weed out those investors that turned a blind eye to your operations but you'll also meet individuals to that are willing to work with you in the future. That's what the word "no" is all about, opening yourself up to newer and better opportunities and possibilities.

Dwayne out!
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