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Links and Tips on Boosting Your Website Traffic FREE !

Hi, it is Gerry Walter and thanks for dropping in! Traffic generation is my specialty so if you have the need to get more traffic then hopefully you can get something out of what I have posted here.

Also, feel free to leave any questions you may have. Creating a successful business online is a fantastic way to earn a living and I encourage you to keep working hard at it, driving targeted traffic to your site and always improving your conversion rate.

Thanks for visiting.

Gerry Walter
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Getting Traffic to Your Website for Free

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Posted 8th March 2012 at 06:58 PM by Easy Cash

Getting traffic to your site for free is going to take some significant effort. You need to capitalize on the other websites particularly the Web 2.0 social bookmarking sites. These sites allow you to easily advertise your site to thousands of people when you participate in a community.

There are lots and lots of social bookmarking sites all trying to beat each other for the number of members. No doubt you know sites like MySpace or You Tube. These sites have millions of members.

Web 2.0 sites send traffic. They potentially can send you a lot of traffic but you will have to participate in them and build up a community of like minded individuals to generate interest in your website.

These social sites can allow you to set up many profiles and create a ‘feeding frenzy’ around your website. Just like shark bait, if your blog or website is good enough you can get hundreds if not thousands of visitors checking you out.

Before you go ahead and create interest through these sites, you better make sure there is something good to look at too - otherwise you potentially will miss the easiest traffic of all - return visitors. You need to produce something of quality, something that is going to want people to return and get more.

Think about which sites YOU have bookmarked, why you bookmarked them and then replicate those same principles on your site.

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  1. New Comment
    New and easy way to get cheap Traffic
    Just when we thought all the sources of cheap traffic had dried up,Youtube came to be the savior along with Facebook and Google. Seriously! This is probably the first NEW traffic-getting strategy we've seen in a VERY long time (that didn't involve spending insane amounts of money). And it works even if you don't have your own website. It's ideal for affiliate marketers, and absolutely crushes for local businesses.
    The Triangulate Effect, consists of Google with Youtube and Facebook all together can boost your sites ranking from the last page to the first on search engines, and get you crazy traffics. And no matter what anybody else tells you good cheap traffic is hard to come by. In fact most marketers fail because they never get any real traffic to their site.
    Lot of people comprehended that traffics that comes from YouTube videos are not valuable, is not even close to the truth in fact it’s the mere opposite, as long as you have good video in Youtube, you will always get good high quality traffic.
    Benefit 1 : YouTube traffic is 100% free, and you never have to be in front of the camera. At most time’s people are resented by “talking head” video’s, as it seems boring, so instead slide shows, cartoons or sock puppets are more effective in hooking up people and create sales.
    Benefit 2 : You can use YouTube simply to build your email subscriber list.
    Benefit 3 : You can use YouTube traffics to sell affiliate offers even if you don’t have a website. Once someone joins your list from YouTube you can sell them practically ANYTHING, It’s YOUR LEAD!!
    Benefit 4 : YouTube videos CRUSH for local ! We typically get videos to page one in a matter of HOURS for local terms.
    With Mindsaw you will get :
    · A professional speaker
    · Video Slide Shows
    · Doodles, Cartoons or sock Puppet
    · Will write your companies script
    · 1st page Google placement of the video
    · Built your email subscriber list
    · Guaranteed Quality traffic
    Posted 10th January 2013 at 05:40 PM by DeanMindSaw DeanMindSaw is offline

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