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Enterpreneur Lessons From A Hospital Visit

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Posted 3rd June 2013 at 04:00 PM by ebusinesstutor
Updated 3rd June 2013 at 04:01 PM by ebusinesstutor (tags, category)

I just got home last week after 12 days in the hospital. My hospital stay solved my medial problem, but left me way behind in my business.

When you are self-employed, you don’t have co-workers to cover for you and you don’t have a regular paycheck that continues while you can’t work.

The stay was a real eye opener as it really showed me how much more I have to do to get my business set up so it will run and generate income without me.

What had I missed?
1.Misjudging The Speed Of Medical: The whole time I was in the hospital, I just thought it would only be another day or two. So I wasn’t in a rush to set up alternative ways to work. But then the delays started…

I went in to the hospital on Thursday. The x-ray on Friday showed my esophagus was blocked and my specialist said he would operate on Monday. So I really only thought I was losing a few days from work.

But Monday was a holiday so the surgery wasn’t open until Tuesday. They put me under for the operation on Tuesday but found my esophagus still full of the barium they used for the x-ray so they couldn’t operate.

So they put a tube down my throat and had me on suction for 3 days. Finally they did the procedure. It worked, but they kept me in the hospital for 2 more days to make sure I was able to eat ok. In the end, it took about 3 times as long as I thought.

I was slow to set up alternative ways to work because I kept thinking I would get out sooner.

2. Assuming WiFi Access: For my last hospital stay in the late 70’s you could optionally order TV access and telephones. 40 years later, I assumed you would be able to get WiFi access in the hospital.

Nope, WiFi was not available at all. And I think the telephones and TVs you could order are the same ones from the 70’s…

So no way to easily get Internet access to be able to work and answer emails while in the hospital.

What had I done right?
1. My Smart Phone: My Samsung Galaxy Note was a godsend. From a business perspective, it let me keep up with emails and check out things quickly on the web.
I researched to see about getting an Internet “stick” for a laptop while in the hospital but found they wanted about $200 in up front charges unless you signed up for a 2 year contract. Since I only needed the access for a few days, I set up my Galaxy Note as a WiFi hotspot and used that to access from my netbook.

From a personal perspective, my Galaxy Note kept me sane! I used it to keep in touch with family and friends via text and phone. I played many games of Sudoko, Solitaire and others and it was my main ebook reader. The time would have passed much more slowly without the Galaxy Note.

2. Netbook: I didn’t want to bring my main work laptop (also my main computer) to the hospital instead of theft. So I used my wife’s netbook which worked just fine.

3. Residual income: With my membership sites, not ALL my income is dependent on client projects so this income continued while I was in the hospital. I would like to ramp up this area in future.

4. Outsourcing: I have done a lot of work with outsourcing so my client support and projects continued on. But this stay showed me that I should outsource even more in future as there are still too many things (like copywriting) that I do myself.

So, in conclusion, I have done well but I am not there yet. I still have a way to go to automate my business and income.

How about you? What happens to your business if you can’t work for a month? Contact me for a free 20 minute discovery session on how to make your business work even when you can’t be in it.
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