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Karma & Merits

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Posted 3rd April 2009 at 08:47 AM by edhan

People are affected by Karma & Merits in life but what is Karma & Merits about? Let us look at the definition of Karma.

Karma is said as: For every action or event that taken place, it will lead to another event whose existence being caused by the first and the second event can be pleasant or unpleasant.

What is Merit? In spiritual term, the things that you do to promote peace and happiness are said as meritorious acts. It is from these acts that helps to elevate your spiritual level attaining enlightenment. With these spiritual merits committed from a pure state of mind that follows you as your own shadow which never leaves you.

It has been taught that humans will undergo rebirth as the working of karmic debt from the past lifetimes and therefore hardship and karmic debt that brought forward by negative actions of past life onto the present life and incarnation. It results the present life suffering as a consequences of karmic laws to be seen as karmic debt that is unavoidable.

In Karma, it maintains an equilibrium through action causing reaction and with every action, there will be consequenting reactions. Thus, positive action results positive reaction and negative action resulting in negative reactions, either in this present time or at a later period.

It was once said: 'If merits of one's practices are to be dedicated to all beings, would not that become a situation of too little food for a large crowd? Why not reserve merits for one's own benefits or dedicate them to only a few people lest the efforts become ineffectual. Many people perform numerous merit-sharing ceremonies in order to purify their own minds. Some people may become ordained for a short period of time and stay in monasteries.

Even though novice practitioners are still with karmic debts and have only little spiritual strength, if their motivation is pure and there is no offering or reward involved, then they could pray for and dedicate merits to others. Such deeds are unrelated to their personal karmas but rings in the endless chain of salvation activities of Buddhas and Bodhisattivas.

All Buddha's teachings aim to identify oneself with one's basic nature. To enable one into harmony with the basic nature. Basic nature possesses all kinds of good human qualities such as loving kindness, compasson, joys and equanimity. All these good qualities could cause good Karma and produces good positive effects.

These revelations are true products of a person's free will. Free will creates good Karma and because good Karma produces good effects which then in turn are good Karma for the next effect and goes on and on. Thus a person has the potential of becoming enlightened to recognise the basic nature.

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