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Ladislav Smrtnik ...on making money online!
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Posted 30th January 2017 at 10:22 AM by edragonbiz

Hi My Friend,

email marketing works for everybody! Are you involved?

Money is in the list! How many times did you hear it already? You know why everybody keeps saying it? Because its true! To make money online, this is what you have to do:

1. Build your list!

I cannot stress enough on how important this step is. If you want to make a PROFIT online, you have to collect your leads...

How to: Keep sending traffic to your squeeze pages. Have a product or service from your niche to give away for free in exchange for an email address.

Once somebody opts in for the product or service, you just collected a potential customer into your list.

Important: DON'T build a list for somebody else, by promoting their (generic) squeeze pages. You have to have your autoresponder service to collect and manage your list... (yes, it costs something)

Are you on budget? Build your list VIRALLY with this incredible and FREE list building system: 'Free List Building System' (Click Here)

2. Find what can help your people!

The people on your list are searching to achieve their goals. Find what will help them to reach the goals and you will become a rich person.

Tip: Dont look for how to take money out of their pockets. Rather focus on how to be helpful to them. The money will follow.

3. Mail daily!

Make yourself available. Communicate with your people daily. Once your list will realize that you are there for them first, you will build their trust in you, and your conversions will grow (You will make more sales!)

So let me fix a bit the statement I mentioned on the beginning. Money is in the list that trusts you!

So again, did you send a mail today?

If you dont have your list yet and find it too pricey or difficult to build your own squeeze pages to build your own list, grab your FREE VIRAL List building system right now...

>>> 'Free List Building System' (Click Here)

The same system that helped me build a list of 1000+ subscribers and growing!

To your success,
Ladislav Smrtnik

P.S. Email marketing works for everybody. If you dont have your email list yet, start building it right now! Free & simple system collects your list virally. Get it now: 'Free List Building System' (Click Here)
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