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Ladislav Smrtnik ...on making money online!
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How to track your links? (step-by step plus free tracker)

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Posted 30th January 2017 at 03:11 PM by edragonbiz

Hi My Friend,

if you are still thinking why you should track your links, please, read my last blog post. In this post, I explain the exact steps, how to track your links.

Step 1:

Get your free tracker here: 'The Real Tracker' (Click Here)

The reason Im recommending this tracker is simply because its free and good. I myself am using this tracker and Im seriously satisfied with what this tracker can do. From one of the many things, this is the only tracker that can recognize the real visitors from the fake bots landing on you site... that's why its called 'The Real Tracker'.

Click the link above, read more about the tracker and go at the bottom of the site, where you will find a link to register. To get the real tracker, you have to register (for free) at Leads Leap don't worry, you will get much more than just the real tracker for free.

Step 2:

After your registration, login into your account. Copy the link of your website that you want to track and paste it into the bar at the top of the page inside of your members area, which says: 'Enter a URL here and track if you're getting REAL visitors or just clicks.' and click 'Submit'

Step 3:

Set up your tracking link! Choose a friendly name for your link, just for your needs (nobody will see it, just you). The URL is already placed, just for you to know, you can change it anytime by editing it.

You can add tags to your links (not necessary). Where it says 'Teaser' this is the name of the page people see when they hover over the tab in their browser. Make it sexy... remember, it's called teaser. You can keep the teaser passive, or you can check, that it will show for a few seconds before a visitor lands on your site - you can play with it if you want.

For the Ad Bar you can keep it blank for now and add some ads later if you want. Set your Tab Options where you want, it will show on your page or turn it off by selecting 'None'.

Last, set up if you want to monetize your link or not. You can get an extra reward for showing ads on your site. If you think it is too much distraction, just turn it off.

After the set up, hit the 'Save' button.

Step 4:

Get your tracking link URL. All your tracking links are stored in your 'The Real Tracker'. You can track unlimited number of links. Just click on 'Links' in menu under 'The Real Tracker', choose the link you want to track and click on 'Copy' near the tracking URL.

Whenever you will want to send traffic to your link, use this tracking link, that you just created and copied. This is the link you will advertise from now.

Step 5:

After your advertising starts running, you can read your detailed statistics, by clicking the graph icon which says 'Show detailed stats' when you hover over it.

So, go here: 'The Real Tracker' (Click Here) ...create your free account and start tracking your links.

DON'T make a hit, without tracking it!

To your great success,
Ladislav Smrtnik

P.S. Get your free tracker, the only one (waiting a patent) that can recognize real visitors from bots, here: 'The Real Tracker' (Click Here) follow the step-by-step guide to start tracking your links.
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