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How to Create Your Own Product Online

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Posted 30th July 2014 at 03:08 PM by elusian

Although most people start out as affiliates for other people's products, it is a good idea to eventually start creating your own to sell. Now this concept frightens some people.

There is the ever present questions of:
  • What should my product be about?
  • Will it be good enough?
  • Why would anyone listen to me?

To answer each of these questions in turn:

1) The product should ideally be something that you are passionate about or something that you would love to become an expert in.
2) There are ways to research the market before you begin creating the product.
3) Before your product is complete, if you were not an expert in that niche before, with proper research, you will be.

So once you have gotten over these psychological hurdles there is the question of researching your niche to make sure that there is actually a need for your product or service.

Just because you are interested in a certain type of fishing, for example, does not mean that there are enough others out there with the same interest and more importantly ready to pull out their wallets to pay you for the information.

So how do you research your market? Well there are a variety of ways to do it.

I will give you one quick way right now.

1) Pick your topic. If you have more than one idea in mind write them all down.

2) Go to the yahoo forums and groups and see if there are people asking questions about it.

3) Look at the number of questions and the type of questions being asked.

You want a topic with a lot of genuine interest and people really spelling out a problem that they need a solution for. Really look for markets that either have a huge pain that needs to be solved or where they are just such raving fans of the subject that they literally devote their lives to it ( ex. Fans of Apple Products or roadies that follow a certain group around the country).

If you have just this criteria in place, there is a good chance that your product will be not only well received but that they will practically beg you to sell them information and products about it.

Caterina Christakos is a seo and internet marketing expert with a passion for product creation.
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