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SEO Business Box – Making Money Outsourcing

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Posted 22nd February 2011 at 09:29 AM by Emmanuel Mba

SEO Business Box encourages its businesses to outsource their work where possible. So is this really going to work? Will outsourcing bring the business to another level? Or will it break the business and cause it to flounder? As with all things in life, the answer is never really a straightforward yes or no. How well a SEO business performs when outsourcing the work depends on a variety of factors.

Even in this day and age, people are still skeptical about hiring help from third world countries, such as India and the Philippines. There is the misconception that people from these countries do not understand the English language well, and that their level of education is equivalent to the poorest of poorest in third world countries, such as Laos and Burma. Actually, that is not the case. English is a language that is widely spoken among the citizens of South and Southeast Asia, mainly as a result of the legacy of English colonization. As such, they have a high standard of proficiency in the English language. Their accents might differ, sure, but their written English is as good as any native speaker from the Northern Americas, and their spoken English is understandable.

People from the Philippines and India especially are quite renowned for being excellent service providers. India is one of the leading players in information technology and the Philippines is recognized for its excellent service industry. In fact, quite a large number of SEO businesses in America and the West outsource their work of keyword analysis, backlinking campaigns, and content writing to Filipinos. They perform and handle the above tasks well and their rates are considered dirt cheap. It is very cost-effective to outsource the work so that the SEO professionals have time to plan and expand their business.

Finding high quality service on the Internet takes time and experience to perfect. There are many freelance jobs web sites such as Freelancer and oDesk that strictly monitor and maintain the quality of their freelancers and teams so that no abuse of the system occurs. Nevertheless, there are some bad hats out there that charge exorbitant prices for terrible service. There are also cases where the fee is very, very low but so is the level of service. SEO Business Box introduces some measures to make sure that the people the work is outsourced to are capable and worth the fees they are charging.

Constant communication between both parties is also a must to keep track of progress and to prevent any problems and misunderstandings from getting out of hand. This can be done through email exchanges, web conferencing, live chat or plain out telephone conversations.

All in all, outsourcing the workload is a smart business decision and can save the business time, effort and money. Don’t be afraid to test the freelance market; there’s a high chance to uncover a diamond in the rough. If the business is smart and selective about hiring freelancers, then it will soar to success.

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