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How To Use You Tube - Communication Skills

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Posted 13th March 2014 at 11:33 PM by Entrepreneurdh

How to Use You Tube - And Really Enhance Your Communication Skills...


If you have a small business or you are one of the following:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Owner
  • MLM Marketer
  • Internet Entrepreneur
  • Internet Network Marketer
  • Affiliate
  • Blogger
  • Realtor
… then you know the importance of leads, lead generation or building a list of prospective customers.

What does that have to do with how to use You Tube? Well, You Tube is one of the best marketing methods to meet your objectives, build rapport, and communicate to your audience.

Additionally, you will build one of the most sought after skills in the market today: good communication skills.

How Using You Tube Will Build Your Communication Skills:

It can be uncomfortable to do You Tube videos at first.... I totally understand!

It is strange, awkward, and even a little bit embarrassing to do a video (especially in a crowd right?)

("What will they think?" probably has to be the first of many 'gremlins' that pop into your mind.)

Be kind and tell yourself, "Who cares?!"

Because sometimes... you have to do things that are uncomfortable to become the person you’ve never been…

to become the very best version of Yourself!

I’ve been told by my mentor that the best way to become a better communicator is to create Videos.

(Creating your own videos will save on time, gas, and wear on your car if Toastmasters happens to be too far away -- the perfect solution!)

Do you know that about 80% of the people polled at our last event raised their hands saying that they wanted to become better speakers and communicators?

Almost the entire audience in the auditorium!

Most people are afraid of public speaking… it is said that for many, they fear standing and speaking in front of an audience more than they fear death.

Whoa! Anxiety!

What are your thoughts about this?

I believe the school systems throughout the U.S. should require supportive communication classes throughout children’s educational lives beginning in elementary schools, not just a debate class for one semester in high school, or briefly touched on in an English class for several weeks.

Feeling comfortable speaking in front of others, and communicating your thoughts clearly, concisely, and with knowledge or authority takes… PRACTICE.

Habitual practice.

Not that you have to be an orator, but that you can at least speak, and feel poised and confident enough to be you.

It just makes sense to begin teaching at an early age on how to communicate effectively; it should be instilled early on that communicating in front of others is an opportunity to express your best self…especially since having good communication skills is one of thee most highly sought after skills by employers and higher paying jobs.

(That’s my rant for today).

Of course, communication is necessary in every field, more so as an Entrepreneur, because your lively-hood is dependent on how well you can “sell yourself” or “brand yourself”.

Register for the "How To Use You Tube" webinar training in the link provided.

I have set up the webinar link so you still will receive access to this valuable training, date not a factor.

  • Learn how to build your confidence and communication skills through the use of You Tube.
  • Learn how to build a business using You Tube.
  • Challenge yourself.
Speak your vision, passion, and dreams!

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Doris Hullett

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