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How To Start Your Own Internet Marketing Business Featuring Affiliate Marketing From A - Z

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Posted 15th November 2010 at 07:58 PM by entrepreneurjay

How To Start Your Own Internet Marketing Business Featuring Affiliate Marketing From A - Z

It's really a very simple business strategy just follow these steps:

1. Learn the bum marketing method so you know what is going on and how to rank your blog posts, articles, and classified ads to get them to the top of the search engines. ( Don't worry it's free Google it )

2. Sign up with Clickbank and Rapbank for starters and find some products to promote that have a good sales page and a decent gravity at least over 10. With Rapbank the same applies except you get paid instantly which is nice. Do some trial @ error and see which ones are selling for you and ditch the ones that are not.

3. Mess around by posting some classified ads and see if you can get them to rank on the first pages of the search engines for your keywords. Same thing goes with article marketing. Research some good keywords to go after for your posts using the Google adwords keyword tool. Think low competition and high searches.

4. Start a self hosted blog not a free blog their is a big difference. Pay the $10 bucks a month it is well worth it. No big deal! This is a business and we are all in it to make money. Treat it as such!

5. Make sure you start a self hosted Wordpress blog on a topic or niche that you are passionate about or have interest in. This will make it easier for you to succeed if you no something about the niche your blog is based around. If you have no interest in the subject you are not gonna want to do anything, or very little, which means very little money or worse nothing!

6. Monetize your blog with affiliate ads related to your niche Adsense, or Kontera for example. The more revenue streams you have the better! Never put all your eggs in one basket!

7. Drive targeted traffic to your blog through these free ways:

A. Article marketing
B. Classifieds
C. Forum posting
D. Video marketing
E. Blog Commenting
F. Guest posting on blogs related to yours.
G. Social Bookmarking
H. Social Networking ( Twitter and Facebook for example )
I. Blog posting on your own blog
J. SEO or search engine optimization
K. Commenting on videos mainly Youtube related to your blogs niche.

The list goes on and on! Find a few of the above that you are good at, and try to be an expert in that area like article marketing for example.

8. Once you have a decent amount of traffic coming to your blog than start an Email list A.S.A.P And give away something free and of value to entice people to sign up to your email list. I recommend a lightbox signup form from Aweber. They work like magic, and are way better at getting signups than your standard boring signup form.

9. Once you start building up an email list start doing adswaps here and there with other Internet marketers in your chosen niche. An adswap is
Swapping ads is a well known technique used by online marketers to generate fast website traffic and build a list quickly.

When you swap ads, it is simply an agreement between two people, where one person will send an email to promote the other person’s website/offer, and
you send out an email to do the same (the other person’s offer/website).

The Warriorforum JV area is a great place to look for potential adswap partners. I would also recommend safeswaps I am a member there and I have had a lot of successful safeswaps by using this site.

10. Build a relationship with your list by sending them quality free offers most of the time. With a periodical affiliate ad that will make you money, and benefit your list at the same time.

11. You can also pay for solo swaps which is a marketer sending out an email to his or her list in exchange for a onetime payment. These are a great way to build your lists a lot faster.

12. Make sure you have a proper thank you page in place on your Email opt-in form. This means when somebody signs up to your list they are given a one time offer of an affiliate product related to your niche. Make sure you have a thank you page! I cannot stress this enough and make sure its a high converting good offer. This is a lot of money you are leaving on the table if you don't have a thank you page in place.

Rinse, Wash, and Repeat!

And remember the more targeted traffic you drive to your blog, or website the more money you will make. And the faster your email list will grow!

Any questions feel free to ask! And For More Great Tips And A Free Internet Marketing Course Visit:
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