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10 Things You Should Consider With Rented Office Space

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Posted 5th May 2015 at 09:23 PM by ExendGroup

At some time, working in a community of small business owners could sometimes be frustrating particularly in when things get out of hand about shared office.

Below are some of the beneficial things you could consider to help make things work better in a shared office not to mention thrilling and enjoyable as you go along.

1. And as the last line said, “FUN!” There is no reason why a small business owner can’t smile and have fun. In some cases, this is the only thing that could make the day rewarding. Put on a smile and don’t let the negatives penetrate your zen space. Do not forget that saying, smiles are contagious? Well, it’s true, wear a smile and send great vibes to everyone around you. This action will not only put a good aura within you but you will have the chance to share it also.

2. Embrace your zen, bring your little pleasures to work. You can consider taking things that could keep you in good vibes. Consider making your work space more favorable for work by bringing something that could make you feel great. Sure it would be great if all office buildings would allow you to bring in pets, unfortunately this isn’t the case.

3. Never take your bad mood to work, we all have our hang-ups and bad days, we don’t need to vent it on others. People has their own issues to deal with and additional problems to deal with is absolutely not acceptable. It would be a more frustrating day of work if everybody will be very busy managing their own problems. Now, stop thinking of that for a second and think about the complete opposite, everybody assisting each other accomplish their goals. This will absolutely be a great idea.

4. No one would like to sit in silence, let's get some tunes that everyone can enjoy happening. For myself I’ve often had quite different tastes to everybody else, but there's always music that everybody can enjoy. Comforting music will do and will certainly put everybody in a positive note. Remember, as mum always said “It’s not a rock concert!”

5. Don’t be afraid to chip in, shared office spaces are inexpensive and survive with a good small business owners. If your shared office has communal pantry area and you are having your share of it, consider using it to improve the level of supplies for everybody.

6. Talk to your office space rental buddies, sure you might be in different businesses all together, but there's no reason we can’t all be friends. This will bring about a more positive atmosphere in the working area which is far from happening from most of the workplaces. You may gain a lot of benefit from a simple conversation, they might assist you market your business to somebody they are linked to. Networking 101.

7. Be sure that your workplace neat and organized and not a picture of a garbage site. There are garbage bins in the area but it is your obligation to keep your place tidy all the time. If you find your rubbish bins are filling up, eliminate it if you finish up for the day. Not just is it just common courtesy, but do you really like to work hard when surrounded by trash?

8. Always make newbies feel welcome because you might wind up becoming friends over time. Again, this will also lead to building your own great company networking abilities as well.

9. You should be responsible with your guests, ensure you will lead them accordingly within your space. This should be deemed accordingly because your guests are certainly not acquainted with the commandments and might trigger imbalance that could certainly impact the commandment number 3.

10. Be considerate and disseminate work. Try to pass around the work to everyone if you think they can manage the job. You don’t have to be a genius to learn what you can do to make someone opinion of you change or develop more on the good side. If you’re often connecting people up, abruptly this makes you a key person of influence, generally speaking, that’s the person you should strive to be.

You might find it very direct. Living up to this commandments will lead you towards success and will ultimately put everyone in the winning end.

Wishing your small business well and may it improve into something beyond what you have strive for it to be.

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