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Is Frank Kern right about JVs and Paid Ads?

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Posted 12th January 2012 at 08:44 PM by fastflyer
Updated 12th January 2012 at 08:49 PM by fastflyer (Added the video link :))

Hey friends!

note: My English might not be anything close to perfect because it's an acquired language for me, but I am sure I can communicate well enough to get my message/views out successfully

I am shifting my business Model to a more stable one and going to promote and help as much "qualified and genuine" JVs as possible this year.

Frank Kern recently said something ( In his State of Internet 2012) about going the PPC and other Paid advertising ways instead of JVing because as per him it's more cost effective and better.

Well... he is Frank Kern , and in MOST cases he is simply "The MR. Right" when it comes to IM.... BUT, I don't agree with him on this one.

For me (and I am sure for MANY) ,It's all about networking; and having JV partners is one of the most important things.

Frank says that instead of giving 50% commission to a JV partner, if we use that amount of money in Paid advertising, we will be making a lot more.

With all respect, I strongly disagree with this Frank.
The market is WAY bigger than we all think it is and We usually end up over estimating our competitor's potential and underestimate the size of the market.

Going the Paid Traffic way is an excellent thing but it's always better to have some one else promoting your product to their trusted and highly qualified subscribers/audiences/followers that we can have along with Paid Advert campaigns. More over, you pay a JV only after they produce results for you.

With a budget of 50k for promotions, it might be a great idea to try all sort of Paid Traffic ways for a High Ticket product ( like a 2k course that Frank Kern mentioned in his Video) but that's cool with large corporation of HUGE marketers just like Frank , John Reese etc.

All I am saying, is that the mentality that we are parting 50% with some one who is doing exactly what you could do to promote your product, is WRONG imho .

For me , it's ALL about duplication.

Like I always say. If it takes 1 hour for your shirt to dry under the sun , it's gonna take the same amount of time for 100 Shirts ..right?

This theory is applicable ONLY if you have ample amount of sun light though ( and we all know we do have ).
It's exactly the same thing in marketing because it's way too huge for us to completely dominate 100% of prospects and have them all under our Belts or up on our sleeves.

Let's say you release a product and spend money on ADwords or FB ads to drive traffic and make money.

Super Kool. But what's the harm if some one else is doing the same thing for YOUR product just cuz they will be getting 50%commission for doing it ?

What's the loss?

If you have the mindset that you could have reached the prospects your JV Partners are bringing to your product sales page and save that 50% that you will be paying to that JV/affiliate; then hey.. you are WRONG.

The relation THEY have with THEIR lists, the trust factor they have within their circle is way more than what you would experience from a PPC/PPV or any other form of "general traffic Flow"

And in case they don't have a list and are sending web traffic then God Bless them because all they are doing is bringing more eyeballs to your sales page than you could have possibly bought on their OWN expense ! WHY? Well... because they are getting 50% commission for that and they know that the product they are promoting is professionally crafted [well that again depends on a lot of factors but we are assuming that it's a great product that you have put out in the market... you see .. the "Silver Bullet" in Frank's terms ]

Think about it

Don't get me wrong guys..
Here's the BEST video I have seen in Months and ALL the info is ultra cool. Just that I have an opinion about '1' thing that I thought I couldn't agree to.

>> <<
God Bless
- Anwesh Rath
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