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How to Create a Free Hi-Converting Squeeze Page

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Posted 26th July 2015 at 08:06 AM by Fingertips

The importance of SQUEEZE PAGES is sometimes overlooked even by experienced marketers.

That's a huge mistake, although it took me several weeks of trial and error before I worked this out myself.

The thing is, even if you are driving the most awesome and quality traffic to your page so they can make their 4-second decision whether to move on or look closer, the moment a lead sees your page they have already decided!

So if you used the title at the top - how much Traffic do you think would click through? (actually that title might work!! test it out lol)

Seriously - it's that critical, and the most critical part is the Title. I really learned this the hard way, and spent money that I wish I still had.

The Title needs to solve a problem that the visitor needs help with. That's why they responded - so it's your responsibility to provide the Solution - after all - that's what you promised them.

If you fail to fulfil that promise they will neither Like you or Trust you - and they'll tell other people too - so bear this in mind when you deal with people on the internet.

They are not anonymous email addresses who will never see you again - well they will be if you fail them. They are real people just like you meet everyday, and they WILL remember you, and tell others of their experience with you. Be sure!

But if you actually give them some value and help them, they will start to seek you out and follow your blog or whatever business you are in.

I once heard of a well-known marketer who was rude in an email to somebody when he started out. When he became successful a few years later, that person publicly reminded him of the email, and he lost a load of business as a result. Stuff sticks!

I made a short video which explains the basics of Squeeze Page Design far better that text. Click This Link if you would like to look at it.
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