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Foibles, Pomp, and Puffery of An Info-Marketing Junkie.
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WHAT!!!??? Only Dumb A$$ES Make Any Money Online!

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Posted 22nd December 2012 at 08:10 PM by FredBeers

One of the biggest obstacles that I have had in this whole money making thing is getting around my BIG FAT HEAD!


The fact is, I have been studying direct marketing in general for over 2 decades. I've had success with both inbound and outbound phone sales. I've written phone sales scripts with success, I've written sales faxes with success, I've written sales pamphlets with success, and I've written lead gen business cards.

I have experience in face to face selling, phone selling, classified ad selling, and direct mail.

You name it... I could probably belt out a long discourse about it. I know a bunch... The problem is....

I know TOO much. I've been a total smart a$$.

Too cocky. I've blown more chances than I can even count.

I ran a classified ad campaign in the newspaper just for lead generation...

On my first run, I scored 10 leads... To some, that's bad...

Here's the thing. It was in the real estate industry. I could flip the leads for $1000 a pop.

I called up the real estate investor who was holding 43 deeds and selling them with a Lease Option deals (cleaning up... dude was killing it. That was the good ol' days, when you could still do 'sandwich lease option' deals in this market), but my leads were a bit on the lower end for his taste.

All I had to do was tweak my copy a bit and qualify the prospect more. I know exactly how to do that... You know what I did? Nothing.

I totally botched it! I could have been chillin with up to 43, $1000 paychecks!

Don't be a Smart A$$, because only Dumb A$$es make the money...

Smart A$$es keep jumping from one thing to the next because they think they found something better.

Dumb A$$es stick to one thing because they think they'll eventually hit pay dirt (part of a winning mind game).

Smart A$$es keep switching up tactics because they think it doesn't work.

Dumb A$$es keep tweaking and retrying the tactic they're using because they think they uncovered another way it doesn't work and believe they can find the right way that it will.

Smart A$$es keep thinking of new products to create without first finding a market that buys.

Dumb A$$es keep finding new markets that buy and selling them the products they already want so they don't have to think.

Smart A$$es come up with a myriad of new ways to make sales.

Dumb A$$es uncover a handful of ways that already make sales and keep duplicating them until they reach their income goals.

Smart A$$es are satisfied with knowing 'how' to make money and continue lazily in their lack.

Dumb A$$es aren't satisfied with just 'knowing' and continue to implement until they have no lack.

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