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Introduction to Article Marketing

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Posted 20th May 2010 at 07:16 PM by Fweez

Internet based Marketing: Those individuals or corporations who are engaged in any type of business market their product by various means. These include advertising on television, in print media such as newspapers, pamphlets, banners and through internet. Internet Marketing in turn, consists of email marketing, advertisement campaigns such as pay per click, advertisements on websites and through article marketing. There are many platforms where huge numbers of articles are submitted and these are organized under various titles and sub titles.

Numerous such websites are present on the internet where users can submit their articles. The article writer would provide the link of his/her website or blog below the article. The primary way by which the article writer gets benefits from submitting his/her articles is by popularity of the content. Further, whenever a user reads the article and finds it interesting, there are chances that he/she may navigate to the writer’s webpage which might be a website or a blog. Thus, article marketing is a very effective way to advertise you directly with the reader.

When the number of visits to an author’s website increases, this would increase the search engine rank of that website. This can automatically get translated into more advertisement at his/her website and thus higher revenues. This is because whenever the advertisements on the author’s website get clicked, he/she would get a certain amount of revenue with the help of pay per click programs. There are various other ways by which the author can earn revenue like Google AdSense and pay per lead advertisements.

Both the article writer and the website where the articles are published get benefited from such form of marketing. This is because there would be numerous such writers who would be submitting good quality articles to this website. Thus, more and more internet users would access such website. This would enable increase in its popularity and would attract more advertisements and advertisement related revenue. Moreover, advertisements related to the content of the articles can be shown by the advertisers. For example sports goods manufacturing companies can advertise on those pages of such website where articles related to sports are published.

How to write good quality articles: It is very important to follow some simple yet effective tips to write such articles which can be useful to the reader.

  • The headline should be relevant providing an insight into the article.
  • Include your contact information, link of your website or blog in the article at the end.
  • Afterwards, submit the content to such websites which allow publishing of the content.

If you try to submit the same article at multiple places, it can lead to intellectual property violations as such an article becomes intellectual property of the website where you have submitted the articles. This method is quite effective in generating popularity for your website. You may like to list the various products or services on your website that you offer. This would lead to spreading of word about your product or services and in turn lead to higher sales.

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