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Taking Action And Why It Seems So Hard To Do!

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Posted 6th May 2011 at 10:49 AM by fxmmorale

It's interesting that despite the many times you'll hear someone say "take action", somehow it seems like the hardest thing to do.

I remember a time when it seemed like no matter how many good ideas I came up with it just felt like I couldn't get myself to follow through to the point of introducing those ideas to the world.

Have you ever felt like that? You get a really good idea that you know will work, you put your time and energy into developing it, get a domain and everything for it and somehow mysteriously neglect to promote it with the enthusiasm you started out with?

Trust me when I say that you're not alone. But...

At some point you have to come face to face with some basic realities and then find a way to get the courage to step outside of your comfort zone.

Are you afraid that other people won't like you?
Are you afraid of the criticism that some troll who has nothing better to do might offer?
Does the thought of throwing your hat into the ring with veterans who've made millions intimidate you into inaction?
Are you afraid that your product will flop and ruin your chances of ever creating a real business with raving fans that love you and your stuff?

How about we ask some different questions like:

How long can you be comfortable being broke?
Do you like your job enough to tolerate it until you retire?
In this time of economic disparity do you think you'll even get a chance to retire before you get laid off or fired?
If you have made at least $1 online as an internet marketer, do you think you could live with yourself if you gave up now without ever trying to multiply your results?

Here's the hard hitting truth that you and I have got to face...

The Comfort Zone is NOT really comfortable. Is it?

The question is: "how much discomfort are you willing to tolerate just to please the hidden fears lying within that taunt and terrorize you from taking action?"

If I'm inside your head right now it's because I've been right where you are and it's only within the last year that I've really begun to shed those success restraining fears that I've carried with ill effect.

The good news is that you can still get control of the situation when you decide that the pain of living a life of quiet desperation is not the answer to your problems.

The fact is that there will always be people who don't agree with your point of view.
There is always going to be that someone who will feel the need to lord their abilities and knowledge over yours because deep inside their afraid that you might steal some of their thunder.
People will always compare you to others who have done or are doing what you want to do or are doing. That's life.

Get over it. It's not even worth worrying about.

Do you think that the Big Guns on this or any other forum didn't go through some valleys in order to get to the hilltops?

I've had the displeasure of coming across blogs and other negative websites that were designed with the specific intention of tearing down the reputation and credibility of some of these superstars and despite all the trash talk...

These guys and gals still keep making money. They still continue to come up with new products and do everything they can do to avoid the deadly trap of letting their fears corner them into retreating into a so-called "comfort zone".

How Are You Feeling?

Still feeling comfortable in your discomfort? I hope not. The opportunities that we have the privilege to enjoy may not always be there and if you've had any level of success as an internet marketer now is the time to milk it for all it's worth.

Take Your Foot Off The Brake

Take care of yourself and your family, step up to the plate and swing. And if by some horribly godforsaken chance you should miss...

Step up to the plate and swing again until you start hitting some grounders and just keep swinging until you smack one out of the park.

To be honest with you, I'm naturally reserved and more of an introvert so writing this is a way for me to step out of my comfort zone.

What about you? What are you going to do today to step out of your comfort zone and move closer to what you really want?

Here's something I tell my kids when they get to feeling down or apprehensive about something.

I tell them:

"You've got what it takes, but it's up to you to take it out and use it."

Listen, I hope something in this post was able to stir you and help you to get closer to what you want in life. If you would like to make a comment, go ahead, maybe that's the one thing you do today to start stepping out of your comfort zone.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this post.

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  1. New Comment
    Hi Fxxmorale, thank you so much for your post. This came at a time when I can completely resonate with what you were saying. Your questions were very good and made me see that yes I am getting wayyyy too comfortable living a second rate life. I still have a lot to work on to get out of my uncomfortable comfort zone but hey, watch this space.

    Thanks again
    Posted 16th February 2012 at 05:04 AM by Elana Elana is offline

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