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Your Internet Business - What is it?

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Posted 24th January 2012 at 11:40 PM by fxmmorale
Updated 24th January 2012 at 11:44 PM by fxmmorale (update category)

It's been a little while since my last post and since then I've been working diligently on developing my own IM product line and services to go with them.

A lot of new people coming online and they need real help... you know?

But you already knew that, after all this forum is full of the most informed people on earth when it comes to internet marketing.


I have noticed something that seems to be causing a little bit of a snag for some people.

Due to the overwhelming amount of opinions, tactics, products and ideas that are swirling around in here, it's very easy to overlook the fact that without a clearly defined business model, making money online for a living will be nothing more than a mere wish for some people.

What i'm saying is that it's very easy to get caught up in what the latest and greatest techniques or methods for generating internet cash flow are and if all a person does is continue to chase new tactics, they will never find the time to develop a real business.
  • So what is your business?

  • What is your mission statement and why should people support your business over your competitor?

  • If you were going to apply for a business loan, what description would best fit your internet business?

  • What are you bringing to the table that you're willing to put your name on and stand by for the benefit of your customers?

  • What are your short term and long term income goals and exactly how do you plan to achieve them?

  • Are you committed to your objectives?

Not very fun questions, I know, but like you I tried all kinds of stuff to get something going and it wasn't until I finally sat down and clearly defined what kind of internet business I really wanted to build that things actually started to work the way they are supposed to work.

You know, with all of the funky graphics and photoshop tricks that are done to create the many special effects that are customary for so many Internet marketing products, it's no wonder that people tend to see IM as a lottery ticket or some kind of game and not take it seriously enough to see it as a Real business.

It's no wonder that information overload and a lack of focus are two of the most common complaints amongst many newbies and intermediate marketers.

Listen, if you're a newbie and you really want to get somewhere online, instead of buying the latest batch of WSO's, why not spend a little time learning how to write a business plan.

Open up a bank account for your business so that you can maintain a system of checks and balances consistent with what your objectives are.

If you do those two things, you'll at least start spending money on the right kind of WSO's, instead of grabbing at straws and praying to whoever your god is for a miracle.

Success may leave clues but it sure as heck doesn't happen by accident.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps,
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